AIGames -sdgoal 1 who's done most to end poverty with finance? - eg financial literacy finance most populous bank designed by pro-poor foundation partners ...; tech is best chance to end poverty but where's AI Banking and eg green finance

Monday, December 5, 2022

currencies figure in neumann alumni search of goods peoples can unite with 100 times more tech per decade

 1951 year of my birth and year that dad norman was seconded by London Economist magazine to New York. At a meeting with Von Neumann at Princeton posed the most valuable entrepreneurial revolution question humans are likely to play with

what goods can humans unite with 100 times more tech per decade?

 - nb 1 good = above zero sum exchanges;

 nb 2 history up to 1951 shows that 100 times more tech never diffuses equally  will each place's most privileged first players each decade  open source most life critical knowhow they co-create? ; 

so for example in 1965 a japanese calculator manufacturer unpredented large order for silicon chips caused intel to design programmable chips and gordon moore promised to linkin engineers who would build 100 times more chip capacity per decade for 6 or 7 decades- the corridor around Stanford U was rebranded silicon valley and became the 5th but probably most exciting corridor to network for rest of 20th century

by 1965 the  Neumann-true AI corridors were :...see right hand column ::

As 1984's co-author of why millennials would need their own banking, i am often asked can crypto support "aid 4.0" if is correct that billon Asian village women generated aid2.0 from 1972 through 25 years of village life without electricity grids, and from 1995 village mobile partners and notably the worlds first women cooperation university in 2001 generated partnering leapfrog models aid 3.0.. and i think the answer is: it depend if a combianton o22's most influential pepople eb the bezos duo, author jk rowlings do whatever is needed for UNcoin to be launched- we need one crypto coin that registers every ipen app on a blockckhain that the poorest can replicate as small local enetrprsies as well as celebrate ed3.0- my understanding of a sustainable currency is one which across generations increases productivity from those previously discoonected with tech and does this steadily but not with the huge gyrations that crypto monies up to end of 22 have seen; my father explicitly turned economist devates to how neumann's tech could help diferential good (way above zer sum currenciesz) and the opposite from 1971 when Nixon took dollar off gold standard; sequencing and how eg currencies may be launched after tragedies like wars is probably everything in having the deep dataopportunity necessary . . geneva corricor since 1865 (thats where worldwide cooperation of communicatiosn tech began and where the goats of matsh were nurtured until they esdcaped hitler's and stalins orbits by emigraing round princeton; interstingly the ITU was digiotally twied with the UN GA NY from 1945 out of the league of nations campus; and indeed it was researchers in the swiss neigborhood that stimulated bernes lees web until he chose to go to the second ai corricdor: bostone mit down to princeton- this was the corridor neumann open sourced everything too- eg alowing ibdm and dell to leap ahead with hardware; permitting yale to be the world's number 1 questioner of how human brains and computer coding eveolves (remember computer coding is binary replacing englaish alphanumerics of 36 codes) so there was quite a long need for open soft which arguably linus torvauls alumni have most consistetly built the tokyo coastal corridor is discussed in the firat annual survey the economist let my farher sign in 1962- 11 years after his practisice of coaching ecoinomic journalists on neumann's scoop as we can see stanfor was an ideal ai lab corridor- which McCarthy twinned with mit and japan linked in with chips; the year before hajpan tokyo olympics had piloted global satellite tcv; and before that it had innovated the 2 asia rising models - sme value chains across coastal belts of supercities; and supervilages which initially focused on the happienst advance agriculture has ever seen borlaug alumni

Thursday, September 29, 2022

back from future history 2025-1951

 When my Dad met Von Neumann in 1951, their experience of first half of 20th c had been quite dismal - dad had spent his last days as a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma; Neumann and most of the Goats of maths (eg Einstein Turing) had spent their brains on the bad of nuclear arms race (and were in at most last 6 years life) CONSEQUENTLY the system design scoop Neumann asked dad to train his peer economist Journalists- has a lot of depth to unpack:

ask what goods will people connect with 100 times more tech every decade to the 2020s?

-eg taking a generation as 30 years or a million times more tech - would such goods as peace, natural harmony, ending poverty traps colonial era had spun geographically, valuing human development (half of which may depend on child's experience from 0 to 6 even if historically teachers start at 7?)

my fathers attempts to answer that question can be reviewed in two halves 

33 years of work at The Economist 1951-1984 - see eg published surveys mainly free at ; audiences we connected with co-authored book series 2025 report first in English 1984 then other languages before dad turned to complete biography of von neumann)

this book review by viscount ridley suggest we timelined future tech dev of web1, 2 pretty closely through last 15 years of 20th and first 15 of millennials century - but practically speaking none of the societal goods we had timelined as jiyous human opportunities have been selected

in 2022, we invite contributions to an omnibus last edition of 2025 report- I am particularly fascinated by web3 and many // constructs as lat media chance to put investment in education first not least; i am intrigued by a group of rebels at UN ny sept 2016- reviewing year 1 of goal 4 education they said this is hopeless blah unless we connect ny policymakers with digital cooperation out of geneeva where tech health and trade genii connect- what was called by chansge education  heroes "digital cooperation" from 2016 -Now in 2022 Un tech envoy office - here are some 2022 updating links to what this small team is doing / worldwide personally connecting:

in the next door office to UN leader antonio guterres (- all progress notes welcome as 2022-23 needs to be youth's most exciting education year - trying out year round competition ; maximising voices at 2023 UNsummitfuture23/4 and what else (see EconomistDiary)

Sunday, September 25, 2022

which are the best of web community treasuries for which of guterres SDGs

for maths people - related link and  & 

 the world of 2022 and 8 billion beings is extremely fragile

but sunshine seems to be emerging in education daos

start with the simplest do you want your place to have 15 to 20 year olds who have most expereince of how to help with next sustainbvility chalenges and most trusted cooperation ftriends around the world dream dao is as far we can finnd the most productive way of finacing that around late teens workld -please tell us if you see other best in breeds and transparency note i have 1/6000 stake in its treasury but I trust its female aisn founder to have made connections i could never have imagined- with educatirs of her generation, with those crypto artyists who are fredesigning value chains ot arts sports fashion music in two waysd - to maximise youth's ownership of teh value chainsd of these markets; to redesesign who youth celebrated - we need to twin entertainent cekebrities with action heroinesd in communitie and education systems need to know who is who- i see up to 30 education sub-traasuriesd need asap - in fact each of goal 2 food/agriculture - goal 6 water; goal 3 health goal 5 needs at least one netwirk which mergesd educatirs and last mile jobs in those practices

from 2008 glasgow trued to launch the virtually free nursing colege - with tiodays tech we would certainly have tried designing it asd a dao - as it was muhammad yunus was lead partnre in borrowing scoltands lead trainers of nbusres but he lost his main liecent to oeprate in the polutical troubles he got into from his 69th birthday (acce=identally my family had helped spo=posor taht eg getting the bbc number 2 green briadcatser paul rose and at that time the brit embassys main education guru DR to attend - then glasgoiw hosted yunus 70th burthday wish party and created 2 journallsd soecial busienss and new economics to help report the smissing sdg finacial models

we aslo expect to celebarte the number 1 femele consciousnesds including mental courage/helath empotion intelligence and curate this to where places also have outstanding sdg sdolutions to go tour- whats fascinating about metaverse is virtual ecotourism can be 100 fold more thah real ecotourism- while we would suggest one person from you=r community goes check out reality and makes local twin friendships with your community- more and more climate adaptation can be trained through virtula reality modes and if you look at zbee's heritage in curating knowledge few teams have more expereince in contexts celebrating worldwide un accomplihments than team zbee

so one of the questions is if since 2008 subprime you were part of a really deep sdg cooperation movement - would it have scaled more if 2022s understanding of daos had been available - happy to discuss this with anyone or any top 10 web3 city - in my searches top 10 web cities currently include hong kong singapore bangkok parts of new york miami  (its real hard to know whats going on in mainland chima but wherever I have visted communities like those close to chirman maos home town! the desire for community cooepration treasuries has been there -and there is a reason for women empowerment being as strong on china mainland as anywhere - thats the one child policy which operate over 30 years - this meant half of all fiamlies were ever more dependednt on their education 20-something daughters- i thinks its a great pity to let national politicians stop you from learning from human development wherever it leapt in the past (thats a different subject than what next or sued to be unitil it became clear that only youth cooperation can now save our species) - see hundreds of un tesimonies on that or ask me for the files

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

how can you help fund what your community is missing most? nurses, teachers ...? new world of NFT, DAO ...

 Suppose the community you are in is:  missing 10 or more nurses or teachers or green food/water designers or even arts cafe hosts for joy of teenagers -or playschools for staring up community...

in web2: you could try go fund me a typical web 2010s solution 

or in 2022 or from reading this onwards if you think there are hundreds of communities needing missing  essential last mile jobs servants you could start a DAO and NFT-

i am not smart enough to know why such a beautiful innovation as dao has such a gobligook name as Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (but hey i suppose tech geeks are now more peculair than botanists that named everying in latin). You can play a game - what are the 5 most gobligook words - if you know what they mean eg non-fungible- you probaly dont need this novice's crib sheet!

-related a check on what people (and their biggest organsiations) did to each other in different tech worlds; web 3, 2, 1 mass tv, before mass tv

- we are not suggesting you should be a crypto saver let alone an NFT founding team chasing investment-:  unless you really care about a community skill and maybe have already connected dozens of likeminded people in other communities; maybe these people all have the same ethnicity or gender or maybe its just as in case of water that across a contient there are now hundreds of communities with different water problems - back in 2003 i tried to found waterangels on a virtual community officially designed to unite all european countries- footnote 1 

maybe its my age but i have found much aboyt 20=1st C weird; one thing to watch is theres a very large number or crypto enthusiats who forst met playing games; they have stories how some games asked them to create beautiful things - maybe a virtual necklace fir a girl heroine you met virtually but then found the game owner had the copyright to the design- if you do ptrepare to launch an nft you will probaly need to chat with gamers - they all hang out at an app called discord- and indeed concept nfts are often discussed in discord before investirs are found for them - in this lesson I dont want to tak=lk about art nfts - they are defintely the most visible nfts in 2022 - and given people liv=ke vinvent van gogh died penniless i am very happy for artists who start up humnderd million dolar connections in web 3 worlds but if most late 2020s humns are spending time in the emtaverse -we must be serbing each other in other ways than spectaor art

what else do you need to think about before even considering if  NFT is something you or someone you know wants to start up both as an oragsnaition with positive casg flpows but one that everyone celebrates for making life better

know a little about crypto currencies

know a littele about whether you need friends in artistic or gaming world

be sure you think about who may flame or otherwise attack you- once you launch an nft things often need to go either very fast scale to large aduience or very deep (small team your starup lives or dies with) in who you connect first; and it may be best to think whats caused the shortage in your community - if everybody really wants these missing skilled peoples then you've got a fair chance but if eg someone is making money from shortages or the power of deciding who gets what --- i honestly dont know what to advise you to do- talk to others - see who you trust; is there a school or community centre who will help you check out your roadmap



Footnote 1 Scots have been discussing moral stsyem design since our friend adam smith's publication in 1758. My father at the Economist first wrote a book on expoenetial risks to losing sustainability in 1984 called 2025 report. 9/11 conformed our most pessimistic scanaris - what if by 2000 media has not united most peoplesin awareness of mans biggest risk being discrepancies in income s and expectaions of rich and poor nations 9what un calls end povery goal 1. So i volunterred to moderate emotional intel on EU's knowledgeboard. Consequence Brussels threw me off the space for starting up a practical network called water angels - the risks of not mapping how humans share water worldwide- (apparently I had created too big a conversational topic (esdpecially with 2004 tsunmai) - for months our chat drowned out top page  academics screen pace in publishing long paper- anyhow if you  are in Europe today you certainly need to be way smarter than me to lead a DAO but I am still very interested to search out who is succeeding (ironically another part of brusssels asked me to contribute to 5 manual summits (eg emotional intelligence of first responder cooperation) even as I was thrown out of virtual space). One of my faults as a maths guy is I audit compound risks at the same time as profit accounting - i dont beleive its motral to do one without the other (i have spent half of my last 30 years debating that with the biggest accountants and ad agencies and we dont agree - people concerned with search for sustaining purose link in with me at eg 

Fortunately in 2008, scots invited a Bangladeshi servanl leader to give 250th moral sentiments keynote.I spent 2010s looking at 30 of the most putrposeful network collaborations ever designedf - see what 1 billion vilage woemn did  To celebrate what may be relevant  in these qyite scary 2020s Glasgow has agreed to co-share 265th moral sentiments lectire with the launch of - what if its educators more than even ecoomists whoi can save youths world now/

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Little about crypto currencies

in banking world,  Perhaps nothing man made is changing as much as crypto currencies - so i expect this aug 2022 little to know will need to look very different in a few months  (arguably when media chnages finance is first to change - what did finance do to you - web3 web2 web1 tv before web; before tv) before electricity ... 

I suggest novices on currencies (including me -footnote i studied maths and dont like spending time on zero sum games but now i realise i should have a bit more) start at asking themselves what is bitcoin and what is one other currency - currently I find it fun to ask what is ethereum

IF you are young, might want to live anywhere in the world or feel youyr country needs rebuilding (i studied how girls took on this challenge in bangaldesh when the nation was new) you might want to have some savings balanced by what your own nations currency does. Historically thats not been possible or legal. But today if you place permits cryto wallets then you can do that. 

TO get started yiu will need a cryptowallet . You have to go through a specific coding sequence. Google will quickly send you to what to do - meta mask is a typical wallet app for your mobile . Please note tgere is a lot more on crypto which I havent triedf to intro at eg

Probably the best first crypto currency to have a little saving in is bitcoin. It was the first. It is filled a gap in global money markets that it is hard to see being closed down. Its not being used to try out most of the exctraodinary community building eperiments. This actiually means its tech is simpler to provide (or should be the most secure).

If blockchain is the most conservative cryptocurreny, which can you have most fun with - in 2022 probably ethereum. Please note once you have eg bitcoin savings you can easily chnage into the other cryptos. 

There is a catch 22. which you can see - how prices have varied over last month 12 montehs longers



As far as i can see of all cryptos bitocin will rise stadily but from now on not spectacularly whwreas one of the currecies to play with may leap far higer. But currently all krytos vary a lot - bo9th bitcoin and ethereruem have varied 3 fold in the last 12 months. So if your reason for being in cryoto is long term also make sure you take advice as towhen to begin.

As at August 2022 if you want to do somthing with NFTs (even launch your own) you probablky dont need to know an awful lot about how the people who run ethereum itself do their job. What you need to excplore is all the NFTs that you can alreadt become a member of with etheruem minting as well as how people craete a new nft

What I want to do by second week of spetember is to discuss some dao cases I like eg - i'd really like to hear from people who say my favorite is .. 

I hope to learn a lot more in new york 13 spet to 17 sept - perhaps we can zoom in or meet - i am trying to understand how all this impacts millennails (under 30s and their teachers) as the first generation who mo=ust see the sustainability development goal achieved out of every communituy

This is a huge exploration - so yeah tell me what i have got wrong or better links or if there is a big question you want to share with explotrers what is it

Below i wantt to add in some topics that I think need to be explored at the same time as crypt cyrrency

How are you all going to design or use web3 or the metaverse. Fu=ortunately hear the united nations and the world's largest proze host xprize have teamed up - 22-23 sees the first yera round competition - 2-6 people regsiterd by decemeber- chose 1 of 17 sustainability goals that matters most to you and yours- whats a viral story you can share on why ythisd matters (the last part of the sompetition is how to web 3 youyr story- but dont worry if you have a stury that billiinsd want - do it in whatever version scales an audience and web 3 mnetors can heklp you; whasts mots important is by may 2023 there are 17 networks each coop0erating around the sdg stiry that moves their world

The other Un topic is the number 1 chnage gutrerres is leading Un around 2017-2026 - he wants a dugital un2.0; there are 9 playing piesces

4 are tech; 4 are faith/consience based ie rights, inclusion public goods, trust/safety

the 34 tech piesces

digotal cooperation - this is everything educatirs can blend digoitally

ai for good- this is the question my father journalised since 1951 insoired by v neumann - ask what pepoples will do with 100 times more tech - so vereything aboove fits ai for good

there is digital capaity building which really means how will elder people have to unlearn at elast as fast as young people work

and there is global connectiviyty- there is a tech part of the un taht was founded in szuterland 1865 - the first global connectivuity chalenge was how woul organsitions get together "worldwide" to supply telegraps - soon alosmt any public goog beginning with tele or rad ...

You can see how the Un updates its playing pieces at if you are not starting yiyr sustainability year in ny - there's a un zoom out of mongolia spet 5, 6 - all joyful expoersr welcome via the envoy office

There is a 9th piece CODES about adasptation of green from ground up

Because the Un is sort of woed by nations as well as peoples its not alowed to brainstorm crypto until you show how tos cale sdgs with crypto - at ;least thats the gos i have heard so far - if I am wrong show me which parts of the UN are launching NFTS! or celebrating crypo1


Sunday, July 31, 2022

from 2008 I was privileged to accompany muhammad yunus on USA tours from Tuskegee to Oregon from Atlanta to Greensborough ND; from UDC to UNH - we interviewed over 100 leaders of historically black universities helped judge a thousand student entrepreneur pitches- but at the end of it all I found a community in Baltimore where Thurgood Marshall grew up- their massive open collaboration (social action learning) could be turned into a test for licence for english-language teaching let alone public sector journalism or reality tv apprenticeships! imo -why has western public service got almost no examples of smart bot knowhow hotlines empowering community self-sufficiency? - new york's 15th annual graduate collaboration cafe focused on this problem march 22 and has found leading solution out of hong kong and various asian chapters of the UN metaverse - do you need to know about this? (see eg writes - whilst I have lived near Bethesda Natronal Health Palace for 25 years my favorite community visit is where Thurgood grew up in Baltimore- if you have time to tour why , let's just do it. Hopkins & Armor can be included in visit if you like.
To our inspirational black american TGM - who's yours?SUMMARY DO CHILDREN HAVE A FUTURE: Back in 1951 my family and friends were given the most curious gift of all - dad was briefed by Princeton's Father of Intelligent Machines. Von Neumann. that journalists and teachers should practice asking big decision makers what will you gov with 100 times more tech per decade? or million times "moore" per 30 year inter-generation? Q&A explains last chance deadlines for Uniting Peoples or Nations or any other game/ people play on earth & AbedPlay 50 million teachers asks for help - imagine designing 2025 LIBRARY - section 1 moral stories of people without engines from 1750s Glasgow to 90% of Bangladesh's 20th Century; 2 collaboration stories where love of each others children safely blended 2 crises posed by machines the energy inputs humans and machines each need; the intel that humans and machines can blend if we are to continue as nature's smartest specie, .what do you feel needs to be in section 3 - perhaps some arts and verses and music every community can celebrate as girls and boys come out to play?;

Monday, July 18, 2022

NFT & UN2.0 libraries

 Back in 2018 we were told july un ny that those responsible for 300 trillion (yes trilion) dolasr of pension funds did not see sdg projects as asset grade

in other words parental generations have given up on sustainability of youinger half of the world whether they consciously understand that or have been misled by bad media etc

anyhow tyhe two main ways I aim to search are giv2.0 if/when government last mile services get back to funcung best intercommunity solutions - see UN2.0 which ofefgrs benchmark any gov can connect with- i have a library of about 30 files -i will try and index this in a logical curation odrer soon but if urgent ask - if you have a particular region or sdg in mind then that can help me pick ouyt file you brobaly need forst - see also and where we review some files in depth

daos and defi- at the moment I am very picky who's information i9 trust on -in fact I always start with vritie's newletters and see where they ;ead me to (transparency note currentluy I own one unit of her ed3 minting)  

july update   

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over $500mm in crypto has been donated to philanthropic orgs & thousands of initiatives have launched to help the environment, get equitable access to wifi, improve education, and more


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Thursday, June 30, 2022

who did waht first with web3 web2 web1 tv age pre-tv pre-electricity

 rougly speaking web3 began after covid in 2022-some say web3 starts fully when people put virtual reality sets on instead of web 2 accessing world through mobile smart device; web 1 access worldwid through personal computer

web1 personal comourer newtorking began eg in usa massively in 1990 with berners lee worldwide web though already with email access america on lines 

its arguable that the majority of the world leaped into web 2 with mobile smart devices witjout exoereincing web1  for example the largest populatiin in the world chuna never really had fixed line telephones as a massive tool - they leap staright to mobile; and indeed we chat (not email) was how most chinese webbed

however there are somewhat hidden difernces - if web 1 worlsd was accessed mainly by sitting with a personal compuyter- ofetn that gps location was not recorded of not much interest - but with mobile gs=psd was part of the fdata big platforms collected

all of web 3 2 1 and mass tv and before that explain how industru=y sectirs eveolved - and did they get better for every human being or did the big get bigger making more money for ever fewer people

looking at finace is an interesting case- and we are oversimplifying - but letsd say americans got the first chnace to nationwide advance finace and tech- what they chose to do during the tv age was automatic cash dispensers and credit cards- whilst conveneint thesde ended communityt banking in a race to be the chnain with the most atms or the most credit cards; this saved the bank as advised=r on saving to a making money from putting most people in debt with credit cards- in other worders fintech usa even in the televison age:

put most people in more debt while credit cards offered pinoints advantafes to the richest

took up to 6% of comerce transcations throuigh charges to both customers and trade- when webs came along there is little evidence of the big fiancail players in us passing on value to majority of americans even though digital ended paper record keeping and ulytinately if a world goes all cashless the marginal tracsction cost of reocrd keeping woukd in throry make it possiblke to bank for people whose trasnactiosn are so smal that previously banks did not serve them

perhaps we exagerate but interesting to see what happened ece=ven in web 1.5 world of the first mobbile phones that also shared text- now text could start cashless systems like kenya's mpesa - in oartoicular wjen a young kenyan remiited earning is nairobi to poorest rural family mpesa now offered an economical way of transfering money where previously he world have had to find a trusted transporterd (eg a friend who was bussing back to same vilage region)

so its not obvious that the most advanced peoples will use each leap in tech to benefot all theoir peopels starting with communities which face the most sustainable risdks; equally if we look around the wprld we can see extyraordinary examples; i visited bangladesh 16 times - there much of the nation was built by poorest vilage motehrs; there each leap frowrd in finamnce and tech was designed to include benefits for the very poorest or the elast connected to hekath care or the oethers most divided from what the un calls sdgs

-all of this is worth discussing as post covid we also design web 3 - metaverse potentially DAOs and NFTs or all sors of other ways of connecting see the forst year round comoetition

or se 9 ways to help everyone leap forward in adcnacing sdgs being celebrated by the Un

Saturday, April 23, 2022 Can one Royal Dutch Engineer & Billion Poorest Women design 3 economic miracles in time to prevent extinction:?

1-2-3 of Human Development Mission Impossible?
  • 25 years human development without any engines
  • 25 human development with leapfrog models partnering solar and mobile
  •  100 new universities across asia where women graduates main purpose is to design solutions offering 50 million sdg jobs per solution -examples playschools of the world , ultra poor graduation - 3 billion new jobs - green, community , teach by/for lives matter

advisory - if you are an  economics miracle co-searcher - dont expect collaboration entrepreneurship at the western business schools that have designed student debt as the biggest form of  debt 

- if possible chat to son shameran abed while he's celebrating Brac worldwide office at the hague alongside climate collab epicentre

--or help improve these links which took 16 trips to bangladesh to assemble following leads provided by sir fazle and his main tech partner in  designing the world's largest cashless bank and the japanese ambassador

intergeneration economic miracles are difficult to map because like architecting anything from the foundation up there is a need to understand sequentially even if today you are only interested in the most recent 7 collaboration wonders which showed how new universities could respond to the question mrs steve jobs is reported to have asked sir fazle to at a millennium goals party in the valley circa 1999

This happened when the former number 1 young asian engineer of oil company royal dutch shell spent his life savings on rebuilding 15000 village homes that the war of liberation had demolished in a far north east corner of what had been the british raj's administration of quarter of the world's people
It was a mistake because although his co-sponsor oxfam affirmed these were the best value village houses ever built by disaster relief networkers , no sooner that the this had been done by dozens of village mothers and scores of village infants were dying weekly of starvation or dehydration

Possibly the greatest idea oh modern human development happened when abe d took on responsibility for the 100000 village livelihoods whose metavilage he had just built- it occurred to him design small business microfranchsiesd for village mothers to operate - unlike fast food chain macrofranchises the microG is designed so the value produced compound round the producer and her community - it is not sucked out by some rich old masters of extraction 

 no worries how small  a microfranchsie is as long as ot achieves positive cash flow and is trusted locally as prioritising life shaping needs: eg end starvation  by designing agricultural microfranchises - in the tropics where half of humans live  local rice  production and one veggie is essential to human energy; end unnecessary deaths by designing a last mile health service ; within 3 years BRA-Collab had tested solutions one 100000 person metavillage needed and was being asked by other metavillages to spread the knowhow (this educational networking happened another 10000 times until a billion village mothers were person to person networking the end to extreme rural poverty by 1999...)

what's utterly remarkable (I admit unbelievable to me until I went to see it over and over) about economic miracle one: over 25 years - effectively to the end of the 20th century is it needed to be performed with no access to engines- making it both the quietest and greenest entrepreneurial revolution and collaboration uniting human intel

 (being without any of the applications of engines b1760-1990s is what rural meant in 20th C Asia); Abed had needed to empower a mainly illiterate population but one whose mothers love of children had no equal in the rest of late 20th c earthling ; culturally the metavillage was still prevalent because  mothers were left with large families to tend while men could always leave the village to search for work or self-gratification

so you might thini that  the first 11.5 microfranchise solutions composing economic miracle 1 would be accurately celebrated the world ever but not by american business schools, not by western g8 aid, not yet by the biggest o9rgansiational governance systems, not even by Public Private Partnerships unless their leaders have spent time injn the vilages that 20th century progress had forgot -

 this economic miracle was after all too local for people sitting in ivory towers or supreme courts to imagine- and it c certainly did not fit the  soap operas of western commercial tv or the junk we surround pre-adolesence kids with feeling they need
for those investment funds concerned with the Social Purpose of ESDG there are 5 dimensions to this miraculous economic intervention ; designing platforms for sustaining 100000 villagers communities at startup in 1970s 5.1 5.2
adult and child education 4.1 4.2 -adult livelihood training - primary both literacy, livelihood and happiness training of village girls as both lifelong practice in learning doing and teaching 
3 last mile health service interventions -10 most basic medicines doordash ; nationwide mothers of oral rehydration ; nationwide infant vaccination
2 two and a half agricultural - human energy solution - rice to end starvation ; veggies because without vitamins body and brain deform ; a trading channel with the city - crafts, silk clothes and their design, climate adaptation eg forestry (I call this half as while it was designed into brac from the getgo it was probably the last of the solutions to scale but without any village city trade - the evolution form 90% rural to 70% rural during bangladesh's first 50 years would probably have not permitted rural women to build the nation)
1 financial solution- abed would say - as he is both the most modest and determined human superstar i'll ever meet - that he didnt design these - they sort of emerged; er didnt go telling charitable dutch or british people that we need to design village capitalism - he simply said if we microfranchise we can scale in time to save most lives
2 he didnt ask to be the world's number 1 epicentre  of microfinance- once thousands of mother positive cash flows were up and running  in 1976 they needed banking - he asked the government for provision; the reply : sorry we are too busy (with our small tax base) developing citizens services; it was only a decade after BRA-C had started ip that the government passed a national ordinance for yunus to run a government bank for the poor; please note the entrepreneurial revolution's core was not financing it was the microfranchising (the  womens business actions) and the massive collaboration