from 2008 I was privileged to accompany muhammad yunus on USA tours from Tuskegee to Oregon from Atlanta to Greensborough ND; from UDC to UNH - we interviewed over 100 leaders of historically black universities helped judge a thousand student entrepreneur pitches- but at the end of it all I found a community in Baltimore where Thurgood Marshall grew up- their massive open collaboration (social action learning) could be turned into a test for licence for english-language teaching let alone public sector journalism or reality tv apprenticeships! imo -why has western public service got almost no examples of smart bot knowhow hotlines empowering community self-sufficiency? - new york's 15th annual graduate collaboration cafe focused on this problem march 22 and has found leading solution out of hong kong and various asian chapters of the UN metaverse - do you need to know about this? (see eg writes - whilst I have lived near Bethesda Natronal Health Palace for 25 years my favorite community visit is where Thurgood grew up in Baltimore- if you have time to tour why , let's just do it. Hopkins & Armor can be included in visit if you like.
To our inspirational black american TGM - who's yours?SUMMARY DO CHILDREN HAVE A FUTURE: Back in 1951 my family and friends were given the most curious gift of all - dad was briefed by Princeton's Father of Intelligent Machines. Von Neumann. that journalists and teachers should practice asking big decision makers what will you gov with 100 times more tech per decade? or million times "moore" per 30 year inter-generation? Q&A explains last chance deadlines for Uniting Peoples or Nations or any other game/ people play on earth & AbedPlay 50 million teachers asks for help - imagine designing 2025 LIBRARY - section 1 moral stories of people without engines from 1750s Glasgow to 90% of Bangladesh's 20th Century; 2 collaboration stories where love of each others children safely blended 2 crises posed by machines the energy inputs humans and machines each need; the intel that humans and machines can blend if we are to continue as nature's smartest specie, .what do you feel needs to be in section 3 - perhaps some arts and verses and music every community can celebrate as girls and boys come out to play?;

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J-PAL MENA, based at , seeks to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence.
A joint venture by  and , the TaRL Africa team supports partners working to address the learning crisis in primary schools in Africa.
Executive Director at J-PAL South Asia. Views are personal.
J-PAL SEA @ FEB UI. Menanggapi tantangan pembangunan dengan memastikan bahwa kebijakan terinformasikan oleh bukti ilmiah
J-PAL North America, based at , seeks to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence.
The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (South Asia) at IFMR. J-PAL's mission is to ensure that policy is informed by scientific evidence.
Global Executive Director of . Earlier in the #IAS, now at . Musings on evidence informed policy and life. Opinions are my own.
Senior Fellow at . Data and evidence enthusiast. Views here my own. retweets are not endorsements
Investigación en acción, más de diez años en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. #JPALLAC10 // Também em português!
Executive Director  | Paris School of Economics. Scientific evidence for better policy. Views are my own.
J-PAL Africa, based at  at . J-PAL’s mission is to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence.
J-PAL seeks to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific #evidence. Based , we lead J-PAL’s work in Europe.
We are a global poverty research center  that conducts randomized evaluations and builds partnerships to bring innovative, effective programs to scale.
Carioca Flag of Brazil Executive Director . MPA/ID'13  and  alumn. RCTs, effective govts, and soap operas. Opinions my own.

realted natural capital:  Partha Dasgupta (Cambridge)

22 predictions for digital optimization 2022