AIGames -sdgoal 1 who's done most to end poverty with finance? - eg financial literacy finance most populous bank designed by pro-poor foundation partners ...; tech is best chance to end poverty but where's AI Banking and eg green finance

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

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for some reason usa and eu chose an opposite process knowledge management- this was at the height of the era when global man con were hired to cut staff of big cooperations- since big cooperations were never going to be the millennials  main employer  (see Entrepreneurial Revolution The Economist 1976 !!) ts strange that6 western politicians legislated around knowledge management instead of the whole different genre of knowledge co-working which had emerged from telecommuting , start up ecosystems , augmenting human and analytic intel in all the ways von neumann had hoped for (see our surveys from 1951! at ) - 

a particular irony in the west is what might have happened to banking blended with tech if instead of retaining employees to put customers in credit card debt, bank empolyer 2.0 had been about designing silicon valley systems everywhere - see norman macrae 1982 survey on silicon valley 

just one way 21st c western government has lost the plot of being by and for the peoples' sustainability is seen in policies that have enabled putin to make the world of the 2020s as dangerous as that of 1920s -it may not have helped how many failed nations at the eu border the usa has responsibility for since the mis-intel on who sourced 9/11 - but  the ultimate fools palace is  the eu and 7 western member of the G8; thru  decade behind digital cooperation design when they should and could have been ahead- at least the itu out of geneva remains well po0sitioned as a multilateral gov organisation (neighbouring the 360 degree conference top of the world organiser weforum) and it mediates the next coms standards out of geneva- so there is just no excuse for credit suisse, credit eu, or credit dollar dismal abuse of millennials and especially millennial women