1971 was 20th year of The Economist survey of Neumann's what goods can peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade; when the world's largest money exchange system ended its promise (gold standard) it started becoming slowly but exponentially the exchange of the biggest least sustainable organisations mankind is capable of ; see why 25th year of The Economist survey launched Entrepreneurial Revolution - xmas issue 1976
All branches of my family and friends have been questioning techforgood over 70 years now- by which we mean what dad with Economist audiences of 1970s first coined as entrepreneurial revolution: every next child flourishing because every community being invested in through servant leaders and SME innovators- if that's your kind of collaboration please get in touch chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk MA Stats DAMTP Corpus Christi Cambridge -- currently in Wash DC & Glasgow; as Scots missionaries my parents who served in world war 2 hoped that was the end of tech for the few instead of tech and teach for all.. we're also prepping June 2023 Glasgow as 265th moral sentiments summit on purposes of markets and engineering. WE see 2020s web3 alumni as best chance to cure tragedies of fake media, AND celebrate millennials as first Sustainability Gen -huge thanks to ed3dao.com , SDGmetaverseprize.org, NFTSdgs.com and other benchmarks at worldclassdaos.com - and of course mathematicians like Satoshi since 2008WHY 163? London Scot James Wilson having founded The Economist in 1843, convinced Queen Victoria to launch commonwealth round a bank by and for the quarter of peoples on the India subcontinent. 163 year ago: she told him to go create Charter Bank; arriving in Calcutta 1860 Wilson died within 9 months of diarrhea. Local peoples had to wait another 112+ years until a womens bank was launched by Fazle Abed making end of diarrhea by oral rehydration one of its first educational purposes My father Norman was very lucky. He survived world war 2 as a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma. Six years later he met V Neuman at Princeton who unluckily only had 6 years left due to cancer from nuclear bombsd. Neuman asked dad will train economist jouranlits to ask the most valuable question in the world: what goods will people do with 100 tukes more etch every decade 1930s to 2020s. Dad and numann had plenty of exambples of bads caused by rapid tech. I was born the same year 1951. To be honest it took me really long time to start to understand dad's next question about what he called peoples entrepreneurial revolution. But he made it clear that community griunded finacing and valuation of tecahers would be make or braeak to 21st c life. So lets start there

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

how can you help fund what your community is missing most? nurses, teachers ...? new world of NFT, DAO ...

 Suppose the community you are in is:  missing 10 or more nurses or teachers or green food/water designers or even arts cafe hosts for joy of teenagers -or playschools for staring up community...

in web2: you could try go fund me a typical web 2010s solution 

or in 2022 or from reading this onwards if you think there are hundreds of communities needing missing  essential last mile jobs servants you could start a DAO and NFT-

i am not smart enough to know why such a beautiful innovation as dao has such a gobligook name as Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (but hey i suppose tech geeks are now more peculair than botanists that named everying in latin). You can play a game - what are the 5 most gobligook words - if you know what they mean eg non-fungible- you probaly dont need this novice's crib sheet!

-related a check on what people (and their biggest organsiations) did to each other in different tech worlds; web 3, 2, 1 mass tv, before mass tv

- we are not suggesting you should be a crypto saver let alone an NFT founding team chasing investment-:  unless you really care about a community skill and maybe have already connected dozens of likeminded people in other communities; maybe these people all have the same ethnicity or gender or maybe its just as in case of water that across a contient there are now hundreds of communities with different water problems - back in 2003 i tried to found waterangels on a virtual community officially designed to unite all european countries- footnote 1 

maybe its my age but i have found much aboyt 20=1st C weird; one thing to watch is theres a very large number or crypto enthusiats who forst met playing games; they have stories how some games asked them to create beautiful things - maybe a virtual necklace fir a girl heroine you met virtually but then found the game owner had the copyright to the design- if you do ptrepare to launch an nft you will probaly need to chat with gamers - they all hang out at an app called discord- and indeed concept nfts are often discussed in discord before investirs are found for them - in this lesson I dont want to tak=lk about art nfts - they are defintely the most visible nfts in 2022 - and given people liv=ke vinvent van gogh died penniless i am very happy for artists who start up humnderd million dolar connections in web 3 worlds but if most late 2020s humns are spending time in the emtaverse -we must be serbing each other in other ways than spectaor art

what else do you need to think about before even considering if  NFT is something you or someone you know wants to start up both as an oragsnaition with positive casg flpows but one that everyone celebrates for making life better

know a little about crypto currencies

know a littele about whether you need friends in artistic or gaming world

be sure you think about who may flame or otherwise attack you- once you launch an nft things often need to go either very fast scale to large aduience or very deep (small team your starup lives or dies with) in who you connect first; and it may be best to think whats caused the shortage in your community - if everybody really wants these missing skilled peoples then you've got a fair chance but if eg someone is making money from shortages or the power of deciding who gets what --- i honestly dont know what to advise you to do- talk to others - see who you trust; is there a school or community centre who will help you check out your roadmap

next http://tgoodm.blogspot.com/2022/08/little-about-crypto-currencies.html


Footnote 1 Scots have been discussing moral stsyem design since our friend adam smith's publication in 1758. My father at the Economist first wrote a book on expoenetial risks to losing sustainability in 1984 called 2025 report. 9/11 conformed our most pessimistic scanaris - what if by 2000 media has not united most peoplesin awareness of mans biggest risk being discrepancies in income s and expectaions of rich and poor nations 9what un calls end povery goal 1. So i volunterred to moderate emotional intel on EU's knowledgeboard. Consequence Brussels threw me off the space for starting up a practical network called water angels - the risks of not mapping how humans share water worldwide- (apparently I had created too big a conversational topic (esdpecially with 2004 tsunmai) - for months our chat drowned out top page  academics screen pace in publishing long paper- anyhow if you  are in Europe today you certainly need to be way smarter than me to lead a DAO but I am still very interested to search out who is succeeding (ironically another part of brusssels asked me to contribute to 5 manual summits (eg emotional intelligence of first responder cooperation) even as I was thrown out of virtual space). One of my faults as a maths guy is I audit compound risks at the same time as profit accounting - i dont beleive its motral to do one without the other (i have spent half of my last 30 years debating that with the biggest accountants and ad agencies and we dont agree - people concerned with search for sustaining purose link in with me at eg friends20.com 

Fortunately in 2008, scots invited a Bangladeshi servanl leader to give 250th moral sentiments keynote.I spent 2010s looking at 30 of the most putrposeful network collaborations ever designedf - see what 1 billion vilage woemn did www.abedmooc.com  To celebrate what may be relevant  in these qyite scary 2020s Glasgow has agreed to co-share 265th moral sentiments lectire with the launch of microeducationsummit.com - what if its educators more than even ecoomists whoi can save youths world now/

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