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Monday, December 31, 2012



 Can we make 23 MAtric's best ever year 5soc 4we 3ed 2UN Isquared

Students and humans have just emerged from the lonliest years since being sent to other side of world in world war 2 (this ended tele1 era when 99.99% hadnt a clue on what was hoing on untile after a hew's top secerets were exceuted) . So why not join UN in making 23-24 year students assemble su,,it future - eg how to design web 3 to resolve evey fake or hate process of web2, web1, tele2, tele1

Here are some additional entries Smithinas at pick out since first weekly updates 1843

June 2023 sees GlasgowUU celebrating Smiths 265 year of learning moral sentimenst and dad's 100th.Dad enjoyed the best ecer matriculation year but only for the luckest 1%. His studiues at cambridge were interruoted by spening hisa last days as a teenager navigating ABV (Alloed Bomber Command) Burma. Suviving he was in keynes' lasy class - when should economists metamorphisde into future hoistorians; geoffrey crowther's forts class on The Economist's cenetary as cayalytic mechansdim for Queen Cvictia dhanfing English Empire; 

1951 Future Innovation Priorities of Goats of Maths

seconded for year of 1951 to new york where he was coached by Von Neumann. According to Neumann future the lefacy of Goats of maths posed 3 problems

Goats energy studies would turn scientists into both the most haed and wanted of petrsons

Goast A and computing proh=ject would compound even more risks

The greearest media scoop = what goods can privileged people unite wherever they are first to experument with 100 times more I telelct tech per decade. Would Economist journalist be interested in met-mediating that?

Here then are some other key dates grom

2012 Hapanesde Embassy in Dhaka saw 5 years of remembrance parties to father conclude with 3 chalenges uniring 1 billion girls of end poverty 2012-1972

could 60 new universities be designed so that female graduate cooperated co-creating 50 million new jobs per university space: billion green billion himanist Ai; billion last mile community capitalism

sould millennium goals and government processes be resesigned  to beome humanity's unstippable cooeration race from2015-16

would could 4.0 intergenerational banling map out now they had bencmarked best cases of 2.0 and 3.0


1 billion has started in 1972 at the same time that The Economist started renaming Neu=umann reserach future histiruesd of enetrperenurail revolution starting with corrections from terrifying mistakes ranging from nixon's bug (waterfate ended trust in transitioning government; nixons hatred of colege studnts started turning them into america's largest debt class; by taking the dolar off the gold standrad - nixon had evded paper printed banking foer sustaining communities in america or anywhere so ai of baninng would need to be added to other societal deepest tech challenge human energy health ed and community builolding where women (parnting) lify iup half the sky


we knew what tech opos and threats of being webbed1 and webbed 2 would timeline round - the question relained what goods could humans unite but by 2025 there would be nearly 8 billion  humanintellects and the dawn of unlimited artificial intellects - a very differemt game of life fro, 1945's 2 billion lonely beings. What was known by goats of matsh was that Intel squared would take place in era of death of spcist of ditance. one satellites are invested in markinal cost of worldwide info sharing and databasing is zero. If we could turn this into win-win trades milenials could nejoy the best of times as first sustainability geneation; otherwise they (todays younger half of world) will be first generation locked into extinction

Xan we sort out this iworlds biggest matsh errors as it applies yo WE-world economic/snetrepreneurs 4 ef3 Un2 Isquared as well as what Japan calls soc 5.0

24-25 can build on summit future year with osaka traxk expoe year - can avatars curate expo 2025 to be crossroads for every missing action learning agenda and how that beceomes each persons skills dadhinard and personal trainer