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Monday, December 5, 2022

currencies figure in neumann alumni search of goods peoples can unite with 100 times more tech per decade

 1951 year of my birth and year that dad norman was seconded by London Economist magazine to New York. At a meeting with Von Neumann at Princeton posed the most valuable entrepreneurial revolution question humans are likely to play with

what goods can humans unite with 100 times more tech per decade?

 - nb 1 good = above zero sum exchanges;

 nb 2 history up to 1951 shows that 100 times more tech never diffuses equally  will each place's most privileged first players each decade  open source most life critical knowhow they co-create? ; 

so for example in 1965 a japanese calculator manufacturer unpredented large order for silicon chips caused intel to design programmable chips and gordon moore promised to linkin engineers who would build 100 times more chip capacity per decade for 6 or 7 decades- the corridor around Stanford U was rebranded silicon valley and became the 5th but probably most exciting corridor to network for rest of 20th century

by 1965 the  Neumann-true AI corridors were :...see right hand column ::

As 1984's co-author of why millennials would need their own banking, i am often asked can crypto support "aid 4.0" if is correct that billon Asian village women generated aid2.0 from 1972 through 25 years of village life without electricity grids, and from 1995 village mobile partners and notably the worlds first women cooperation university in 2001 generated partnering leapfrog models aid 3.0.. and i think the answer is: it depend if a combianton o22's most influential pepople eb the bezos duo, author jk rowlings do whatever is needed for UNcoin to be launched- we need one crypto coin that registers every ipen app on a blockckhain that the poorest can replicate as small local enetrprsies as well as celebrate ed3.0- my understanding of a sustainable currency is one which across generations increases productivity from those previously discoonected with tech and does this steadily but not with the huge gyrations that crypto monies up to end of 22 have seen; my father explicitly turned economist devates to how neumann's tech could help diferential good (way above zer sum currenciesz) and the opposite from 1971 when Nixon took dollar off gold standard; sequencing and how eg currencies may be launched after tragedies like wars is probably everything in having the deep dataopportunity necessary . . geneva corricor since 1865 (thats where worldwide cooperation of communicatiosn tech began and where the goats of matsh were nurtured until they esdcaped hitler's and stalins orbits by emigraing round princeton; interstingly the ITU was digiotally twied with the UN GA NY from 1945 out of the league of nations campus; and indeed it was researchers in the swiss neigborhood that stimulated bernes lees web until he chose to go to the second ai corricdor: bostone mit down to princeton- this was the corridor neumann open sourced everything too- eg alowing ibdm and dell to leap ahead with hardware; permitting yale to be the world's number 1 questioner of how human brains and computer coding eveolves (remember computer coding is binary replacing englaish alphanumerics of 36 codes) so there was quite a long need for open soft which arguably linus torvauls alumni have most consistetly built the tokyo coastal corridor is discussed in the firat annual survey the economist let my farher sign in 1962- 11 years after his practisice of coaching ecoinomic journalists on neumann's scoop as we can see stanfor was an ideal ai lab corridor- which McCarthy twinned with mit and japan linked in with chips; the year before hajpan tokyo olympics had piloted global satellite tcv; and before that it had innovated the 2 asia rising models - sme value chains across coastal belts of supercities; and supervilages which initially focused on the happienst advance agriculture has ever seen borlaug alumni