why has the western public service no examples of smart bot knowhow hotlines empowering community self-sufficiency? - new york's 15th annual graduate collaboration cafe focused on this problem march 22 and has found leading solution out of hong kong and various asian chapters of the UN metaverse - do you need to know about this? chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes - whilst I have lived near Bethesda Natronal Health Palace for 25 years my favorite community visit is where Thurgood grew up in Baltimore- if you have time to tour why , let's just do it. Hopkins & Armor can be included in visit if you like.
To our inspirational black american TGM - who's yours?SUMMARY DO CHILDREN HAVE A FUTURE: Back in 1951 my family and friends were given the most curious gift of all - dad was briefed by Princeton's Father of Intelligent Machines. Von Neumann. that journalists and teachers should practice asking big decision makers what will you gov with 100 times more tech per decade? or million times "moore" per 30 year inter-generation? Q&A explains last chance deadlines for Uniting Peoples or Nations or any other game/ people play on earth
BEEINGs.app & AbedPlay 50 million teachers asks for help - imagine designing 2025 LIBRARY - section 1 moral stories of people without engines from 1750s Glasgow to 90% of Bangladesh's 20th Century; 2 collaboration stories where love of each others children safely blended 2 crises posed by machines the energy inputs humans and machines each need; the intel that humans and machines can blend if we are to continue as nature's smartest specie, .what do you feel needs to be in section 3 - perhaps some arts and verses and music every community can celebrate as girls and boys come out to play?;

Friday, March 13, 2020


please could you pass this mail to anatole kaletsky- dear anatole i am son of norman macrae www.normamacrae.net who you worked with at the economist- fathers last research on bangladesh discovered fazle abed was the real deal of 50 years of what dad called rural keynesianism economist china survey 1977- fazle abed's brac university is one of main partners of soros OSUN launched januaru weforum- please could i intro you to vincent chang who heads this global university of women ending poverty- he has some urgent ideas on morality of economics and uniting adam smith mapmakers with soros ban ki-moon cop26 and indeed every optimistic idea dad fought for in humanising ech and celbrating millennials sustainability sincerely chris macrae
good banks train communities on consequences of where their savings are distributed
example https://www.bancaetica.it/about-us
www.gabv.org annual training of global association of bank with values hosted by mit presecing institute
financial literacy curricula begin from 2nd grade up with partners of aflatoun -how funding model of indian orphanage became curriculum partners in nearly 100 countries

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

darren- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CeYy5G9bDg following nearly 50 years of my fathers work www.normanmacrae.net at the economist and with friends across asia, i am interested in belt road mapping as a scholars opportunity to bridge cultures and humanise community or sdg www.economistrefugee.com tech- i live in washington dc but do not like not quarrels over debt between nations- from 10 visits to beijing i like everyone i have met at tsinghua aiib and china center globalisation and thinkin china especially jack ma's author ying lowrey and UN in china- does this connect with your interests?- if so the first cambodian i would like to linkin is savy lach www.aide-et-action.org whom i spent half a day with at un last sept- to intro him i need either you to connect me on linkedin or to email me chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk -if this focus is tangential to yours- love to hear what your main project is- i am doing quite a lot of research of the new scholars networks where the scholar not the college is resourced to hub or start something up and unite under 35s as sdg generation- this was what jim kim said he'd come to world bank to do from 2012 though he disappeared from dc 14 months ago

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2020s 27th & last decade to prevent extinction
Economist's norman macrae foundation


satellites for the peoples

can asian bankers-& two thirds of people- save the world -part 2
audit infrastructure maps www


big brother i's
economistfuture.com united states of english admin

unite vaccine races entrepreneurialrevolution.city
economisthealth.com alibrac.com

books for learning

economistbank.com norman macrae foundation

education as a youth good economistbank.com
economistuniversity.com alibrac.com

tracing worlds richest impacts on human development
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unicorn world economistfuture.com
livesmatter.city masterclass100.com

HKScotland sister nations can sustain us
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WABC..HK hub alphabet
economisthongkong.com norman macrae valuetrue.com....

lets link sino-uk ai and big data languages

asean tour thanks nhk &

can asian bankers and 2/3 humans save world?
part 1 summit update 2020

unga74 21st c humans first 20 years valuetrue.com
www.economistrefugee.com norman macrae edu & co-journalism mao

brooklyn - where peoples are world leaders in civic engagement
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new bank

internet future
entrepreneurilarevolution.city edu transformation projects norman macrae foundation

brac touring 50 years of fazle abed and worlds largest ngo partnership
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love each others nations peoples

hong kong bridges over troubled water
entrepreneurialrevolution.city economisthongkong.com

can vienna save the sdg generation?
valuetrue.com a norman macrae found youth edu project

is this expensive university good for you
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beijing friends
why every young person can gain from beijing networking

NE corr
norman macrae foundation www.economistamerica.com

out of beltway
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sorosuni.com join oSUN alumni of money marketers who loved to see societies thrive round planet earth
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love 8 billion people 1843-2025

sdg case tour decade 27
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society matters

chartering 2020-humanity's top universities?
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where do you zoom to understand what tech

zoomuni.net alumni

WISE=education laureates alumni coalition maps
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1500 world
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green trusts
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journalism pro of normanmacrae.net

covid19 curriculum by nation - end corona virus
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love hong kong rome & 20 cities for sdgs
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can peoples save 20 most valuable cities without borders
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linkin world machines-humans next girl/boy born thrives

forbidden questions with bloomberg's searchers et al

connect maryland & franciscan alumni with health &
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reporting humans global
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boston and top 20 collaboration cities in 2020s youth sdg race

many worlds one planet

can usa sustain world trade cities?
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aibeltroad.com -can AI humanise health&edu without borders

how states screw each others peoples

union of monetarist soros and poor-empowering abed
osun.app a journalistsforhumanity.com data map

MIT-SCHWARZMAN -OSUN -sdg tour with zoomuni.net
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?beyond G20= D4*C3*B10*A183
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ax the media
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DC truth- only sino-american millennials can SOS
chrismacrae.com neighbor of nih bethesda

20 economists search sdg world

map world: greatest risk= gaps between rich & poor nations
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osun.app what if man-machine sustainability= loving each others nations children

microcollege hub gravitating soros first 20 partners OSUNiversity