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Sunday, September 25, 2022

which are the best of web community treasuries for which of guterres SDGs

for maths people - related link and  & 

 the world of 2022 and 8 billion beings is extremely fragile

but sunshine seems to be emerging in education daos

start with the simplest do you want your place to have 15 to 20 year olds who have most expereince of how to help with next sustainbvility chalenges and most trusted cooperation ftriends around the world dream dao is as far we can finnd the most productive way of finacing that around late teens workld -please tell us if you see other best in breeds and transparency note i have 1/6000 stake in its treasury but I trust its female aisn founder to have made connections i could never have imagined- with educatirs of her generation, with those crypto artyists who are fredesigning value chains ot arts sports fashion music in two waysd - to maximise youth's ownership of teh value chainsd of these markets; to redesesign who youth celebrated - we need to twin entertainent cekebrities with action heroinesd in communitie and education systems need to know who is who- i see up to 30 education sub-traasuriesd need asap - in fact each of goal 2 food/agriculture - goal 6 water; goal 3 health goal 5 needs at least one netwirk which mergesd educatirs and last mile jobs in those practices

from 2008 glasgow trued to launch the virtually free nursing colege - with tiodays tech we would certainly have tried designing it asd a dao - as it was muhammad yunus was lead partnre in borrowing scoltands lead trainers of nbusres but he lost his main liecent to oeprate in the polutical troubles he got into from his 69th birthday (acce=identally my family had helped spo=posor taht eg getting the bbc number 2 green briadcatser paul rose and at that time the brit embassys main education guru DR to attend - then glasgoiw hosted yunus 70th burthday wish party and created 2 journallsd soecial busienss and new economics to help report the smissing sdg finacial models

we aslo expect to celebarte the number 1 femele consciousnesds including mental courage/helath empotion intelligence and curate this to where places also have outstanding sdg sdolutions to go tour- whats fascinating about metaverse is virtual ecotourism can be 100 fold more thah real ecotourism- while we would suggest one person from you=r community goes check out reality and makes local twin friendships with your community- more and more climate adaptation can be trained through virtula reality modes and if you look at zbee's heritage in curating knowledge few teams have more expereince in contexts celebrating worldwide un accomplihments than team zbee

so one of the questions is if since 2008 subprime you were part of a really deep sdg cooperation movement - would it have scaled more if 2022s understanding of daos had been available - happy to discuss this with anyone or any top 10 web3 city - in my searches top 10 web cities currently include hong kong singapore bangkok parts of new york miami  (its real hard to know whats going on in mainland chima but wherever I have visted communities like those close to chirman maos home town! the desire for community cooepration treasuries has been there -and there is a reason for women empowerment being as strong on china mainland as anywhere - thats the one child policy which operate over 30 years - this meant half of all fiamlies were ever more dependednt on their education 20-something daughters- i thinks its a great pity to let national politicians stop you from learning from human development wherever it leapt in the past (thats a different subject than what next or sued to be unitil it became clear that only youth cooperation can now save our species) - see hundreds of un tesimonies on that or ask me for the files

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