AIGames -sdgoal 1 who's done most to end poverty with finance? - eg financial literacy finance most populous bank designed by pro-poor foundation partners ...; tech is best chance to end poverty but where's AI Banking and eg green finance

Thursday, April 23, 1970

 col 2 another place or sustainability goal connecting innovation; 3 library reference; 4 context date or other unique reasons to include this source in your brain or in arrtificial intel; we satrt with scotland and bangaldesh 2 places whom engine investors havent so far valued much; we then move from usa east across pacific getting to Europe then south africa latin america north to arctic circle - this is rough - when something looks urgent to read we put it at top

Dedication to 3 black wonen thrown off a Balitimore crusie liner who built the community Thurgood Marshall called home<br />

 543231 About United Peoples Goals :community service: education: health: starvation-prevent: parents financing kids growing ip naturally and peacefully

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Sustainability is a complex word to translate into any language be that human or machine. In our 1984 book 2025 report, we drew on The Economist's first third of a century of applying Von Neumann's journalistic scoop- ask leaders (of GSE Governance, Society, Environmental Change) what they will do with 100 times more tech per decade? Or a million times more if theirs id 30-year intergenerational responsibility of organisation. 

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In debating what it would take for millennials to be the first generation preventing extinction 2025 report revealed the case for public broadcasters and the United Nations to celebrate collaboration goals in time to celebrate the new millennium. Children needed to experience collaboration in schools, in communities, in their generations heroines. in the purpose of elders investments. 

If collaboration was socially understood by every patent, by every family loving legislature, it might not be such a future shock to discover now! that ABED. the only oil company engineer who spent his last third of the 20th century in the person to person networks of Asia's poorest village women, -empowered discovery of the deep learning collaborations needed to stop our younger half of the world becoming the extinction generation.

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Before I clarify what 21st C maps friends have seen on this, may I issue a challenge: I have probably seen more public data on what 9/11 did to human brains than anyone apart from artificial brains RSVP if you have seen more so we can share library links (eg my sources start with an australian professor of medicine who picked up phone to nobel laureates until he has arranged for 70 different of the world’s most distinctive cultures to send representative to a debate first held in london 2003 and annually there after eg delhi xmas 2004 (Global Reconciliation Network – Komesaroff- Monash Melbourne). Related curriculum –

the same hub of educators is the south’s partner with the lancet in schools bigest missing curricula – peer to peer youth health from 10 up (see also youth world bank summit 2016)

  reasons: why I am curious about data biggest decisions are informed by in 1973 I got my MA in stats from Cambridge main maths lab DAMTP; my father was writing future histories for the economist and applying a journalistic question he was given by von neumann – ask leaders (of places, of education, of media, of any global market with a trillion dollar purpose) what's their back from future purpose with 100 times moore tech per decade? or if their governance integrates 30 years intergenerational responsibility: a million times more tech??

Anyways lets start with goal 4. Back in 20908 I heard more and more people saying – education is no longer helping more than half our natiosn youth be job ready- at whatever age they loeave the education system. What this meant was the old idea that there would be enough big organsaitions to award jobs toi the those with best exam results no lonmger supported poeoples futures. There are some rich old nations that do beter than others. Much o9f Nordica says it has thrown out standard exams and arranges from early teens foir afternoons to involve community enagagement projects. Germany is better than other big old EU nations at apprenticeships because engineering is a parctive makes better nor a theretica exam makes better skill. So is data coding and app design.

There is a sad part of old rurope eg france-spain which is so intellectually snobbish that eg in span which part of the body you are free to study depends how high up the medical exam you pass. It is a pity that the UN’s lead branches on education have been too long driven by UNESCO being headquarterd in paris. Anyhow finally last december Unesco admitted education no longerserves youth’s purpose in this stuning report- and apart from is there anything left of Europe spetembers 2022 main UNFA summit id on what will we do now that education no longer suatainbs anyone

Let us consider health. In 2005 many different powers that beb ein usa agreed pandemics were a huge risk that it would be smart to prioritise compute mapping too. This was set to be the main G8 agenda by Bush; the western world’s biggets philanthript network led by the Gates declated this chalenge number 1; the last briliant epidemolohist america has who has actually ended a plagie (smallpox) was appoinmted to head So how did ai o0g pandemics get relegated and ai of autonomous cars become silicn valeh’s main obession. In receny years some of silicon valleys riches venture leadeers have admitted we make most money by designing a monoply int6o a digital model and relling washington dc political parties the opposite. When you ask one of whitre world’s biggest brains Elon Musk – how do you het some forecasts so accurate – about 10 years ago musk predicted 202-‘s Tesla Car production almost to last dugit accuracy but some things like autono0mous cars taking over US raods so wrong – he said something like optimisim is what drives sucessful entrepreneurs as long as we ghet enough right that’s how you beome the worlkd richest ma. Poof poof poof – predicting autonomoius cars would happen fast was perfect PR for electric cars.

So here we go again; extinmction will be the biggesdt maths error ever. Loss of American competitiveness is nothing much to d do with China – ots about him,ams who govern the largest systems not understanding statistics or engineering. And so the world’s most expensive health system was also the world’s worst for protecting its peoples agianst pandemocs. For sure I underdstand a correlated variable is where are the number 1 epicenjtres of global travel which US had a higher density of than others. Or where are the worlds laregst indoor stadiums whiuch US has spent more on than others. Howver 2005 maps of pandemics already predicted that was a core risk multiplier. So because national poluticians argue about histo9rical social issues that most other nations see as private and personal; and in so doing myltiply fake media and become ever less competent at expoenetial statitrics , USA is not going to lead sustainability solutions at comminyty levels bit we could help the younger half of americans and their teacgers to be the best learners. Offly my afthers lifelong work at The Economist agyer meeting vonh jneumanjn in 1951 did just that – see www, which includes most of his signed survey ys over 40 years work – our help co-edit the last edition of 2025 report – first published 1984 on timelines of allo EsustainabilityHoals

My afther’s clearest prediction in social chalenges back in 1984: by eraly 2000s it will be vital that tehmajorituy of hyumans knows that mans biggest risk is discrepoancy in incoems and expectations between rich and poor nations. My fathers 1984 prposed solution was not to wait for a 9/11- what if public braidcast media at the time digital media was becoming as mjassivhe hosted a worldwide tv apprentice show- where were apprentices helping youth resoilve local sustainability goals. The idea was that the braidcast reslaity show would join in with continous web debates. The mnumber 1 pupose of the web would be chnaging education around what eacfh locality needed its youth to collaborative solve. This is why the 30th and most exciting colaboration of the networks that have empowered billion poorest motehrs to end rura poverty is 100 aisa universities sgare their graduates in replicating susstainability innovation solutions corresponding to at least 50 million new worldwide livelihoods per innjovation . more here

If vyou look at where hyndered thousand rural community building solutions bgegan in 1972 – it was microframchsing local solutions to end starvation; today that matvhes with adapting the global food indusytry roiund 3 main things:

Reducing the nearlt thord of catbon emiisons that food markets are responsible for indlucing the madness of up to half of tehse emissions being designed round serbing the 1% richest eating needs

Ending hunger locally – I am not a great fan of how latge americans schols often are – but given the car and bus pooling these require why not make sure that there are bo food deserts wherever theye rae large sschools by making schools epicentre of fresh foods sustribution too. This is of course the opposite of letting bezos hollow oit the infrastucrure of usa which became the scanadla of how amazons serach for a second hedquarters invited 200 cities to propose in a race that amazon logics had already reduced to two, Even more maddeningly all tehse places said there propsosals were comnfinmdential instead of formin a opublicf bank which ai could have mapped as a fast start to improvibngt us infirasdtructure.

What we learn most of all from 50 years of poprest women colabo9rations to sabe the world is that since 1980s every 100 fold leap in tech could hace reduced the cost of the most basuic finaciual services every community needed wheraes the us anjd euroipe have done the opposiet. And then when the whole old western system colabpsoed in sybptime from late 2007 u=instead of leaping to a system that invested in youth and comnmunitys sustained gutu8res the same olg too big to fail banks were refinaced- so the younger half of the world had to pay for the kstalke o0f the richest old part of the world. And all this as we enetered the last but 2 decade for sustainabil8ity colaborations. Little wonmenbder the 20202s has started with oandemic methdown in usa and peace meltdown in europe. Will rich ooder white empires ever share exticntion-ending maps through human and artificial statistical reality. Ectinction as the world’s biggest mathematical mistake needs to be truly mediated now. Is there anything you’d like to help the Un Or the women or yout or the porest facing the most extreme neds for ai apps?-  

previously wiill Macron win? 4/20 i just saw 30 minutes broadcast on france24tv/pbs channel 6pm eastern time wedenesday -in a century of really scary media this was awful - i am looking for a transcript- goodness knows what the 4 protagonists thought they were doing

any clues anyone?=========================

and now for something completely different - exercises from 2025 report last edition

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