dad norman macrae died of cancer june 2010- his obituaries- his last article dec 2008 on the sad consequences subprime would trap youth in - coming notes on remembrance parties across the globe- on his 10th parting we are also zoom-remembering- rsvp
next only to education/health/safety, change in banking immediately changes lives of families and generations whereas infrastructure and natural resources multiply national impacts over time- financial services have at least 3 segments - how its designed for people, for big organisations, for pensions ang government
since 1950, in developed countries - quarter of humans) changes in tech have caused changes in finance first- some peoples have leaped into banking consider those most linked to developed west, development of china region, rest of developing world- we will map what happened to innovation of tech to the west which has had access to 4 tech revolutions from 1950 rural, space-communications, engineering , computing brain power- china that had access to rural revolution in 1970s, engineering from 1980s, all tech from about 2005, and bangladesh which accesses rural change from 1970, has for most of its people not yet accessed engineering change, has joined in other tech between 1995-2005 thanks to being the epicentre of ngo sdg economy - epicentre fazle abed- of course in a world of 200 nations there are other hybrid models but decide which if any of these three is one your peoples need to understand first because big data collection has gone global - see society 5.0 and osaka track g20 2019
key system transformations -paper non-digital banking operations, digital operations, consumer digital atm and cards and end of community banking. mobilising change in commerce and banking, integrating all post 1950 tech revolution- finance needed to be a future affair that teachers and students questioned before youth began livelihoods- since 1760 alumni of adam smith and james watt glasgow u birth of industrial revolution have recommended mediating these questions openly - how much of wealth and natural resources do the top 10 and 500 people control- is your society one in which 3 halves of people - women youth and poor each have less than 10% voice in the future of their generation

putting our species at risk- wall streets bankers and washington lobbyists and careless media moguls did the worst job ever at end of 2000s- can ny's biggest fund managers return the planet to all families as we enter 2020s - search worldrecordjobs -biggest marketmakers bezos and ma - then join us at -or help us value goal of worlds biggest -search - google versus microsoft; health&safety investor bloomberg vs soros; largest funds fink versus mitsubishi ; education for all schwarzman versus hongkong-singapore partners -supercity adaptability ban ki-moon versus masa-son; big decision makers events schwab vs guterres; rural villages fazle abed partners

we also thank the baltimore branch of for sharing its investigative scholars of everything that's crazy about 21st financial services that thurgood marshall wouldn't have let rip

dec 2020 Washington thinktanks have become in most cases as dismal as the supreme leader trump making these exceptions absolutely brilliant 1 2
this economics policy series shows how banking in america has been serially designed to tip off the poor and the young - and even when the rich elders mess up they demand the poor and young bail them out- i now see why my father as early as 1980s described macroeconomics as totally fame political chicanery nothing to do with the origins system designs of the first 200 years of followers of adam smith moral sentiments- see also

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Conscious Capitalism DC has a 4.30pm east coast conference call every Friday - check with King at  for details

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extreme value education networks

help with surveys of how universities can value youth
CCDC613: To Help co-edit Cribsheet for Obama and Youth in assessing which universities value youth's futures #Valuetrue #ValueUni Scoop Purpose ; Scoop Open Education

Extreme value open educators have large networks in boston (EDEX OLA) and san francisco (KhanAcademy) -next gathering at end of september

CCDC lead practitioner Steve Foerster  host of Free Curricula Center- is developing a virtual university exchange -check out his links

looking ahead - we hope that one practice group will come up with their own league table methodology for value universities - a practical way to influence obama's project which is discussed by sal khan and arme duncan here

related links microeducation summit calls for assembly of first 5 adviser circles

we believe it is vital to present online education as actually creating more teaching jobs but yes with huge changes in tasks -discuss

value education is also very personal- I  would love to connect around dc and md with parents currently concerned with our kids edu choices - eg I have  daughter in 11th grade - choosing college and subject is therefor a big issue for me - as is tracking which subjects she might now be freed by - eg will this become a benchmark the best ever 12th grade calculus course - a good start is its using an open source textbook not an $80 one

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DC since 2008 has hosted open education group concerened with world's most important missing curricula that millions of youth njeed to interact around- we came across a real living case in the life works - OLA -open action learnin gs of Muhhamd Yunus and other grassroots networks of Bangaldesh who have innovated the new economics paradigm discussed by clinton.charlie rose- the most exciting nethods to colaborate around millenniu goals, and much more

fall 2008 - we sent almost 10000 of these dvds out fee so that youth could join in debating the curriculum of social- a few collector copies remain - price by negotiation - or you can download her or at
We also have 8 hours of transcripts which we are happy to share with people who genuinely want youth to understand the knowledge that Dr Yunus and Grameen millions of female entrepreneur built up through grassroots networks in their race to end poverty - arguably the greatest collaboration race of all time - recall the dates : Bangladesh was born poorest 100 million nation after a war of freedom from west Pakistan in 1971- after lobbying us congress during the war years: Yunus came back to Bangladesh with his wife and 3 month old baby daughter in 1972- his wife couldn't find a way to bring up an infant and returned to the states- Yunus immersed himself in transferring his knowledge of economics studied at van der bilt to classes at university of Chittagong- then a million person famine happened and the economic theory looked so irrelevant that his took his classes out to the villages to see if they could find any opposite social and economic solutions to Macroeconomics of US bankers.
By the time our videos were filmed the world was beating to NObe Lautrate Yunus door- what was t happen between 2007-2013 and onwards has beomme yet another locally peculiar future history of the whole world of muslim born nations. As the NObel judge said in Dhaka when speaking to thod=usands of youth at his opening of the Yunus museum - you are the ypouth leaders that the whple muslim wprld can learn peace and hard working enetrprsie from while retaining your loving family talmost from that day on the conflicts across the region have taken long and winding turns -and is yet unclear whether the gree nation of Banagldesh will be able to makes its peoples choice in spite of inveneting more microentrpreneurial franchoses for open replication across world's glbla vilages racing to end poverty than anywhere on the planet
...................................................................after a few experiments microcredit loans and banking services were born initially freeing 42 village craftsmen from loan sharks with a total of 27 dollars. Dr Yunus argued with the still young leaders of the new nation that a bank for poor womens was urgent and missing from the country; he started signing himself as responsible for loans mad- between 1976 and 1983 - y7 years of trails perfenceted the grameen microfranchsie built round 60 by 60 comen circles per rural branch (each branch visising each village centre once a week thereby serving income generation microloans of 3600 of the world's poorest families- however grameen was no more a bank than a centre when the women met bot h to educate themselves ane reorganize local markets around exchnages they could animate in the village- hundreds ogf thousabnds of village cengtres emerged from 1883 when Grameen was constituted by national law to yunus and the women winng the nobel peace proze- all began each banking day with a recital of 16 decisionsreflecting what the mothrs wished the bank to invest in over time - their childrens nutrition, health and educational development - for example grameen fors line extension was carrot seeds which the ,others planeted to end theor childrens night blindness- soon it was offereing them loans to build a hut whoch won the aga khan architecture award- the hut was not a speculative property- it was the minimum needed for a family to be safe in monsoons and cyclones and it integrated a pit latrine for sanitation. It was also only available for wome n to own - henceforth if a man nverbally repeated he wanted a divorce he had to leave the house instead of throwing the mother and children out. In this way grameen was the most cogherent por-por, pro-mothers, pro-youth grassroots netwok ever designed. Things started to get more complex when Yunus becamse the first to bring mobile phones to the village. Grameen phone became the biigest company in Bangaldesh -a cause of increasing politics over the next 165 uyeras. The gramen women quietly operated the most valuable job frabchsie they had ever lady per village centre of 60 hiored a mobile phone to be used communally - it must have been very much the same freedom as when the tegram forst came to the ld west but only operated by womens networks.

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Business models that make trillion dollar sectors most purposeful for future and by youth