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Thursday, September 29, 2022

back from future history 2025-1951

 When my Dad met Von Neumann in 1951, their experience of first half of 20th c had been quite dismal - dad had spent his last days as a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma; Neumann and most of the Goats of maths (eg Einstein Turing) had spent their brains on the bad of nuclear arms race (and were in at most last 6 years life) CONSEQUENTLY the system design scoop Neumann asked dad to train his peer economist Journalists- has a lot of depth to unpack:

ask what goods will people connect with 100 times more tech every decade to the 2020s?

-eg taking a generation as 30 years or a million times more tech - would such goods as peace, natural harmony, ending poverty traps colonial era had spun geographically, valuing human development (half of which may depend on child's experience from 0 to 6 even if historically teachers start at 7?)

my fathers attempts to answer that question can be reviewed in two halves 

33 years of work at The Economist 1951-1984 - see eg published surveys mainly free at ; audiences we connected with co-authored book series 2025 report first in English 1984 then other languages before dad turned to complete biography of von neumann)

this book review by viscount ridley suggest we timelined future tech dev of web1, 2 pretty closely through last 15 years of 20th and first 15 of millennials century - but practically speaking none of the societal goods we had timelined as jiyous human opportunities have been selected

in 2022, we invite contributions to an omnibus last edition of 2025 report- I am particularly fascinated by web3 and many // constructs as lat media chance to put investment in education first not least; i am intrigued by a group of rebels at UN ny sept 2016- reviewing year 1 of goal 4 education they said this is hopeless blah unless we connect ny policymakers with digital cooperation out of geneeva where tech health and trade genii connect- what was called by chansge education  heroes "digital cooperation" from 2016 -Now in 2022 Un tech envoy office - here are some 2022 updating links to what this small team is doing / worldwide personally connecting:

in the next door office to UN leader antonio guterres (- all progress notes welcome as 2022-23 needs to be youth's most exciting education year - trying out year round competition ; maximising voices at 2023 UNsummitfuture23/4 and what else (see EconomistDiary)

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