dad norman macrae died of cancer june 2010- his obituaries- his last article dec 2008 on the sad consequences subprime would trap youth in - coming notes on remembrance parties across the globe- on his 10th parting we are also zoom-remembering- rsvp
next only to education/health/safety, change in banking immediately changes lives of families and generations whereas infrastructure and natural resources multiply national impacts over time- financial services have at least 3 segments - how its designed for people, for big organisations, for pensions ang government
since 1950, in developed countries - quarter of humans) changes in tech have caused changes in finance first- some peoples have leaped into banking consider those most linked to developed west, development of china region, rest of developing world- we will map what happened to innovation of tech to the west which has had access to 4 tech revolutions from 1950 rural, space-communications, engineering , computing brain power- china that had access to rural revolution in 1970s, engineering from 1980s, all tech from about 2005, and bangladesh which accesses rural change from 1970, has for most of its people not yet accessed engineering change, has joined in other tech between 1995-2005 thanks to being the epicentre of ngo sdg economy - epicentre fazle abed- of course in a world of 200 nations there are other hybrid models but decide which if any of these three is one your peoples need to understand first because big data collection has gone global - see society 5.0 and osaka track g20 2019
key system transformations -paper non-digital banking operations, digital operations, consumer digital atm and cards and end of community banking. mobilising change in commerce and banking, integrating all post 1950 tech revolution- finance needed to be a future affair that teachers and students questioned before youth began livelihoods- since 1760 alumni of adam smith and james watt glasgow u birth of industrial revolution have recommended mediating these questions openly - how much of wealth and natural resources do the top 10 and 500 people control- is your society one in which 3 halves of people - women youth and poor each have less than 10% voice in the future of their generation

putting our species at risk- wall streets bankers and washington lobbyists and careless media moguls did the worst job ever at end of 2000s- can ny's biggest fund managers return the planet to all families as we enter 2020s - search worldrecordjobs -biggest marketmakers bezos and ma - then join us at -or help us value goal of worlds biggest -search - google versus microsoft; health&safety investor bloomberg vs soros; largest funds fink versus mitsubishi ; education for all schwarzman versus hongkong-singapore partners -supercity adaptability ban ki-moon versus masa-son; big decision makers events schwab vs guterres; rural villages fazle abed partners

we also thank the baltimore branch of for sharing its investigative scholars of everything that's crazy about 21st financial services that thurgood marshall wouldn't have let rip

dec 2020 Washington thinktanks have become in most cases as dismal as the supreme leader trump making these exceptions absolutely brilliant 1 2
this economics policy series shows how banking in america has been serially designed to tip off the poor and the young - and even when the rich elders mess up they demand the poor and young bail them out- i now see why my father as early as 1980s described macroeconomics as totally fame political chicanery nothing to do with the origins system designs of the first 200 years of followers of adam smith moral sentiments- see also

Monday, March 15, 2021

revolutionary debates in education and funancing and glasgow's role in 2021

3 very different topics-
 #1asianow scheduling all 3 transformative education summits in december 2021   two in uae one in hong kong is - do you have any travel schedule  uae spring yet? 

uae linkedin include dubai rewired;  qatar wise ; mb ...& AA
www youth sdg mover/shakers include ac   - glasgow lp edinburgh ne  
netherlands zm (elder -maxima)
nigeria   (elder brown nets  rs )
china research ai education jc

  #2 every week more is emerging on glasgow's centrality to climate and sustainability debates in november- do your friends at skipton or elsewhere intent to participate at glasgow- i am now 13 years into debates at glasgow university on what adam smith would think of the chaos machines and economist have spun and is there any way out for youth; #3 digital money raises 4 sorts of question - 1 it actually offers huge advantages to those most isolated unbanked people- eg china says tibet is the highest user of digial transactions; 2 it raises questions- which nations wish to reverse credit cards- this first app of tech caused huge family debt; 3rd blockchain and fintech merges in sectors that are being completely redesigned- eg electric trucking will need to redesign locations of energy station; this turns the truck into smart device maximising trip hireouts and energy station firs- blockchain can mediate that; 4 which nations want to change the dollar as worlds reserve currency - china has started - its closing down the value of china sticks quoted in usa wherever they are part of banking systems- see this extract Tencent (OTCPK:TCEHY],OTCPK:TCTZF) shares fell 4.4% on Friday and dropped over 4% during Monday trading in Hong Kong, finishing up the day down 3.5%. The over $60B pullback has essentially wiped out the value of its fintech and payments business, which Bernstein puts at a $105-120B valuation. Last week, Bloomberg sources said Chinese regulators were focusing on Tencent after cracking down on Jack Ma's Ant Group. Tencent could also be forced to restructure its financial and insurance units into a holding company for tighter regulatory scrutiny. 

 footnote related to
every week new debates are being stimulated by people making up glasgow calendar -there is a lot of tension- glaswegians wanted to keep nations politics to minium; london and g7 organisers are maximising it- i will start blogging some of these topics at - notable whatever glasgow handsover to education now has 3 world class asian stages in december - dubai is where whole of un and gordon brown is updating edu transformation - qatar, hong kong are the summits fazle abee inspired; there are now many rumors that china is going to take global finance to a new platform at beijing olympics - it has devalued us quoted stocks alibaba and tencent so that americans cannot influence digital yuan; schwarzman and tsinghua scholars in midst of this as beijing mayor bridge between scholars and olympics- meanwhile vaccinations appear to be designed so only the powerful can travel during the 12 last chance months for youths sustianability

footnote from - keynes must be rolling in his grave- having explained the greatest risk to our species was powering old academics to exclude youth from what futures are possible- this is what americans economic gurus have used both lawyers and non-transparent venture funds to do especially with media and everything von neumann created for youth to celebrayte

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