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Thursday, March 30, 2023

 news is exciting in itself and the more so if mastercard india's leader banga becomes world bank new head - wasnt sure best was to summarise this article so copying it complete Mastercard has unveiled its limited release Mastercard Music Pass NFT which offers access to Web3 training programme for emerging musical artists. 

It also unlocks access to exclusive content and experiences from the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, which starts this month. The programme will prepare five emerging musical artists from around the world with the tools and skills to harness Web3 technologies to reimagine their creative processes and grow their careers in the digital economy.

According to the release, up-and-coming Vietnamese American-singer Emily Vu joins four other musicians from around the world for the Mastercard Artist Accelerator: Cocoa Sarai, a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn; Nigerian R&B/Afrobeats record producer and songwriter LeriQ; Manu Manzo, a Latin pop artist from Venezuela; and Young Athena, a London-based R&B soul singer and BRIT School alumna. The participating artists represent a range of genres and backgrounds and were chosen because of their unique story, sound and inclusion focused mindset.

Vu said that her life has always been intertwined with music, learning a couple of instruments throughout her childhood, and performing is something that has always excited her. “Now I’m looking forward to taking my work to the next level with Mastercard Artist Accelerator. This is a really new approach for me, and I’m keen to learn a lot more about Web3 & AI, giving others an inside look at the creative process whilst using new technologies. It’s going to be an awesome learning experience.”

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Each artist will go on a journey through one-on-one sessions, being guided by mentors including Tushar Apte, an Australian composer and producer who incorporates AI into the creative process; British dancer and content creator Nifè, who will share her knowledge of building an engaging online presence; and chief experience officer of Ledger, Ian Rogers, who will advise on how to build a digital business.

Artists will learn how to use Web3 tools to create original tracks, which will be redeemable as NFTs as well as performed live by the artists in a special showcase, according to the release.

The Mastercard Music Pass NFT is being minted on the Polygon blockchain and is free to redeem until the end of April 2023. Once redeemed, token holders will be able to follow the Mastercard Artist Accelerator with access to all of the content from the programme, as well as Web3 tools, educational materials, and other exclusive experiences. 

Furthermore, the application of Web3 technologies has taken off in Asia Pacific, especially in a number of Southeast Asia countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

In South Korea, an increasing number of musicians and music labels are adopting NFTs, one of the world’s first virtual reality music labels launched in Taiwan, and an Australian entertainment startup has developed its own NFT music platform.

“One of the incredible things about Web3 technologies, and NFTs in particular, are the way in which they offer creators more flexibility and ownership of their content, while generating exciting new ways for fans to engage with their art,” said Julie Nestor, senior vice president, head of marketing and communications, APAC.

“The Mastercard Artist Accelerator programme and Mastercard Music Pass give us an opportunity to harness NFTs for both of these exciting purposes, while helping to support some of the most vibrant, diverse young artists in the world today. Mastercard looks forward to connecting music fans and creators in APAC with the Web3 journey of Vu and the other incredibly talented musicians," Nestor added.

Last June, the brand launched its first-ever album, “Priceless,” through an innovative collaboration centered on mentoring rising artists. With the brand’s track record in music, coupled with its expertise for building strong networks in the digital economy, the Mastercard Artist Accelerator will give emerging artists the tools and capabilities they need to thrive in this tech-driven era. 18 april 2023 author chloe tan

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