All branches of my family and friends have been questioning techforgood over 70 years now- by which we mean what dad with Economist audiences of 1970s first coined as entrepreneurial revolution: every next child flourishing because every community being invested in through servant leaders and SME innovators- if that's your kind of collaboration please get in touch MA Stats DAMTP Corpus Christi Cambridge -- currently in Wash DC & Glasgow; as Scots missionaries my parents who served in world war 2 hoped that was the end of tech for the few instead of tech and teach for all.. we're also prepping June 2023 Glasgow as 265th moral sentiments summit on purposes of markets and engineering. WE see 2020s web3 alumni as best chance to cure tragedies of fake media, AND celebrate millennials as first Sustainability Gen -huge thanks to ,, and other benchmarks at - and of course mathematicians like Satoshi since 2008WHY 163? London Scot James Wilson having founded The Economist in 1843, convinced Queen Victoria to launch commonwealth round a bank by and for the quarter of peoples on the India subcontinent. 163 year ago: she told him to go create Charter Bank; arriving in Calcutta 1860 Wilson died within 9 months of diarrhea. Local peoples had to wait another 112+ years until a womens bank was launched by Fazle Abed making end of diarrhea by oral rehydration one of its first educational purposes My father Norman was very lucky. He survived world war 2 as a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma. Six years later he met V Neuman at Princeton who unluckily only had 6 years left due to cancer from nuclear bombsd. Neuman asked dad will train economist jouranlits to ask the most valuable question in the world: what goods will people do with 100 tukes more etch every decade 1930s to 2020s. Dad and numann had plenty of exambples of bads caused by rapid tech. I was born the same year 1951. To be honest it took me really long time to start to understand dad's next question about what he called peoples entrepreneurial revolution. But he made it clear that community griunded finacing and valuation of tecahers would be make or braeak to 21st c life. So lets start there

Sunday, March 12, 2017

west baltimore number 1 conscious inner city hub in the nation - how its communities preceded gandhi in changing laws- justice inside the nation- how today its the soul of the whole region of dc-baltimore opposite to donald's region - how its got the blessing of pope francis and jim kim -why wouldnt it be jack ma favorite regeneration hub in usa- is drayfus top rank at blockchain or not?

we get one shot at building structire round this  
while much of this black connectors need to authenticate themsleves
i know miko peter and amy have always had huge community building spirits so  invite you to brainstoprm idea now

we have about 60 days to elect the wisdom council

but thats just the starts - they need to honored  in  actions they recommend - the teachers of teachers -

king can you edit ideas below - i know some of it is wrong but of we dont get amy and whichever her mentors can help engaging in this now then we will never convince eg kiehl and so his connections even though ,like you he grew up in st louis
and the work needed to get black liberty into john mackeys white liberty networks has a lot of work we need to do - we need at least some storylines with a month to hit the conscious capitalism summit in philidelphia- thing is san francisco has some huge social justice black and chieuse educators -= we need to get them meeting alex so he gets that 1 conscious capitalism has different chapter expertises and every chapter can learn from dc one on social justice

Thurgood Marshall - the world possible we could be linking by now

can we form tgoodm wisdom council

Most respected community elders in the country -eg rosa parks lawyer whom i know; actor who ;played thurgood marshall... 

black futures 365 days a year
ask each to write in with what actions elders would expect youth to be taking now- note we need to turn from protests to replicating community solutions- eg social shark tanks- 
youtube in 60 second ideas and know that serious suggestions will get a reply

do a regular salon like ted salon new york but on black community actions 

 explaining how to use case law; community professionals sharing expertise and connections to decision makers

keep talking about real numbers indicating whats wrong - eg percent of black youth in prison - get beyond all the distractions of mass media

its really important that black america partners the way china uses media to end inequity and bring transparency - china friends those who co-create real social progress not those who trouble-make

involve regional development agencies until black smes are seen as one of the millioon jobs partners jack ma connects with -ian ryder is trying ti get top 2 stores through to jack ma - partner sir fazle - partner al

why isnt there a k to 12th grade curriculum of social solutions - the future of our history - the reasons why only black communities deeply tackle sustainability issues- apps black youth could be co-creating connect very much with what kiehl wants to free- he's made most of his money out of rap - he too was brought up in st louis;

historically black grandmas were the heart and the soul of black progress - i understand that the world has changed but how did the culture of learning across generations get lost

re-examine hbuc - they need local wisdom councils looking at what they do as many if them have become worst of jobs destructors

find ways to bridge community building between best of ,latin and best of black; ie love good cultures and love places unique diverse natural resources -

kiehl hosted many brilliant connectors of how to analsyse a place
beck who both advised mandela and mackey
expert place consultant
expert culture consultant

black youth need to be gthe greatest translators across cultures but first they need to celebrate the proudest moments of their own with real actions

open space has huge ;possibilities to bring black communities together- one of the issues is develop your own control of local safetynets stop playing the game of generalised social handouts

identify which are the great black mayors - i think the mayor of tuskegee has a great circle and rosa parks lawyer can check this for us not the rotten ones like the mayor of atlanta

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