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Monday, March 13, 2017

1- who are the "people" of conscious inner city hubs epitoised by thurgood marshall union hub
2 what are the simplest human communications tools of scaling collaboration and conscious entrepreneurs
3 how did i get started on cataloguing these methods 40 years ago at national opinion polls in ,london - and what were the craziest moments?
scaling up collaboration to action is the missing skill of opening communal space for every age group (eg schools , exchange colleges, community experiences you invite youth into are worthless where teachers are not free to pass this skill on) - i will assume its obvious that conscious movements benchmark inner city hub needs to be experienced as the world's open training epicentre of this   - i guess you will tell me if not

FOR NOW What i want to check is we agree that there are at least 4 types of "people' concentric circles of a conscious inner city hub and intergenerationally each needs a youth ambassador as well as an elder ambassador

1 the people who already are the community - eg the people who already feel free to organise anything inside thurgood marhall hub
2 wider circles of community connector in superplace baltimore who want to feel thurgood marshall is the mother centre of all the solutions that inner city collaboration entrepreneurs need to innovate practice and scale
3 the people who want tgoodm to be the benchmark inner city hubs for twinning places where the inner city people are empowered to develop livelihoods and communal happiness
4 opinion leaders, funders, those leaders who cant help our peoples until or unless they get thurgood marshall value system -dna of black girls intrapreneurial revolution  - that 1776's declaration on its own could not freely legislate over , not sustain in grounded ways as america got bigger and bigger and needed to value social innovation not juts thing innovation
2222222222222222222 methods -
but first a few videos to set the scene:

astronaut ron garan on why collaboration is the missing secret sauce wherever peoples are losing sustainability 

training video cable tv of lehman college in bronx used 2008 to ask students whether they wanted to start up a conscious buisnessclub
shocking reveals when you ask people who are extraordinary mediators how they got started at school -case the british broadcasting corporations number 1 (and prince charles favorite) storyteller of need to action climate crisis solutions

haiti 11 year olds practising open space

quarterbilliongirls practising open space storytelling from brooklyn to chiarman mao's home town 


methods 1 open space - 3 best facilitators of this movement that has performed 300000 times since 1984 i have ever seen are its maryland founder harrison owen, david firth - are you appearing in maryland soon david??, amy -ditto?

method 2 collaboration cafe

method  3 ted salon
 (sub practices how do you do a 16 minute ted talk, a viral social action 3 minute video call for collaboration, a viral 40 second video call for collaboration)

method 4 circles methods are as old as village elders intergenerational empowerment methods but i find the quakers circle particularly illuminating - originally this was designed when royatly in britain sent a boss to a community to issue a new order the quakers would put the messenger in the middle of a circle politely listen then at question time adopt the following rule - each person has maximum of one question, the community decides when the questioning is over- this neatly reverses the syndome where the noisiest try and ask question first- quaker questions tend to build on each other with the last question being an expression of action
-always the showman mahatma gandhi made his last appearance in london at the quakers house euston circa 1925 - a neat reversal of a circle sitting round a chief boss

method 5 grounded theory - if you are doing research where you know a society has a broken system but you dont know what it is - you use grounded theory- its just the simplest method for identifying exceptional ideas wherever they may breakthrough conventional wisdom or couch potato syndrome

i will write a few more notes on these methods at of course i am sure there are many other methods but 9 year olds up can be shown how to play all of above - any school that doesnt obviously isnt free to empower its youth to community build and one wonders what social networking achieves if community trust building doesnt come first  -go to china and you see that teachers are being trained in understanding thus challenge  

================= world class brands
3 i am just a  maths guy not a facilitator but through observation and professionally in doing social innovation research over 40 years including a decade of work building mit's first social worldwide database i have also been hired by european union to do some of its biggest surveys ones they paid million of dollars (not to me) for and made billion dollar decisions on (no they didnt go down well with th big cheeses in brussels ), i moderated emotional intelligence across a 25 country and 100 city knowledgeboard virtual community of the european union (eventually we were closed down by luxembourg who said their view of knowledge management was to get rid of peoples jobs not to empower them - ), internally i was hired the world's largest ad agency to space something similar - didnt go well either as it turned out they preferred not to advise their biggest clients of trabsparent trust-flows

 i have been hired by people like howard rheingold at the time his san francisco consultancy hoped dotcoms would really be a revolution, i have watched a grand master like harrison owen for about 15 years and tried to make sure the best young storytellers i have ever bumped into are trained by him- in any event whether you are co-leading the biggest corporation or the most collaborative hub my books and dozens of publications in journals am concerned on how you answer the purpose question - who in the world would uniquely miss what if you ceased to exist- economic systems that licence big organisations whose leaders cant openly answer this question have nothing to do with sustaining the future livelihoods of their people - that much my life experience of conflict reconciliation is convinced by

so is all of above relevant over the next 8 weeks as king and al and friends aim to launch the most conscious inner city hub ever benchmarked; can supercity baltimore-dc break free from being donald's not-so magic kingdom

 are these sorts  of mediation practices relevant to taking 1000 college students to china every 4 months ; are they relevant to any other entrepreneur (big data small entrepreneur) freedom you may want to wizard through machine or human technology of a best for youth world's sort; can we rehearse these practices on the franciscan roads to argentina g20 2018 or the coding roads india g20 2019

in the future markets that eg jack ma help villages and youth design, an organisation however big that doesnt know how to empower these methods may be very valuable to the tangible accountant but it is next to worthless to the intangibles and sustainability and open education accountants- we already have 100 cases of organisations thought to be worth billions of dollars each but who have lost it all because their leaders didnt consciously attend to how trustworthy their unique purpose was- so mathematically/academically i dont need more evidence - i just want to see the next generation be free to try collaboration methods out as how they communicate- now this is not what america's mass media wants - and until americans change mass media they really cant contribute to the rest of sustainability world without (their freedoms , consciousness, faith , hope, joy bottom up community building) being endlessly overtrumped by their politicians and lawyers - and this requires both a media and education revolution, not tomorrow NOW

best chris

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