AIGames -sdgoal 1 who's done most to end poverty with finance? - eg financial literacy finance most populous bank designed by pro-poor foundation partners ...; tech is best chance to end poverty but where's AI Banking and eg green finance

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Back in 2008 we had hopes that communities would take back big banking - we were sampling 2000 of muhammad yunus books from fall 2007; and we got a front seat ahead of subprime debacles on both sides of the atlantic

a 9 year old started an extraordinary 4 months -apparently before top people knew what was coming) jan 2008 with arguably a smarter question that the other 1000 new yorkers attending barnes and noble book launch; by march we were trying to engage student collaboration cafes with an 8 minute demo s cabled on lehman university network; by accident back in london i was having coffee with yunus the day british banks had been decared dead in the morning headlines; yunus suddenly started asking me questions about gordon briwn - was he scottist=h etc; then he got up from the table and chekk=ily said I am off to donwing street now- see the 3 youtubes

 Where do Financial Literacy Curricula begin

- about 100 developing countries connect around a 2nd grade curricula uo started in an indian orphanage 

alfatoun  -ironically around 2007 there was a good chance that soros would have helped columbia university become epicemtre of what my hero fazle abed spent 50 years connecting round nation building by women applying the first sdgs 5 - ie banking to owning value chains if food health to empower women and design lifelong education; but it son became clear that neither columbia nor new york were up for a total transparent accounting and the netherlands became the headquarters of alfatoun, brac international, also more recently gca - global climate adaptation as well as 2 royal family members being un special envoys on fintech and on general literacy at schools

Aflatoun Jeroo Billimoria - Empower Children Through Financial ...

Feb 2, 2008 — Jeroo Billimoria - Empower Children Through Financial Literacy ... Subscribe: Jeroo Billimoria is the founder of six successful enterprises. Her ...

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