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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

keynes 1942 bbc radio interviewer- how will we ever find finance to rebuild london- keynes the problem will not be about finance - the question needs to start with do we have enough architects/engineers?
quoted by bard economics prof kregel unctad summer class with soros ysi/ineteconomics 8/19

lives matter and women lift up half the sky

following keynes in 1970s both china and bangladesh recognised rural women as hidden resource  -see rural keynesianism

they designed organic financial systems around them - not internationally gesigned fin

was this greatest dev economics innovation in last 50 years

how would you design local finance ariubd youth srartups

or livesmatter in another underclass - eg skin color

or to connect borderless infrastuctires - virtually we have acceleated borderless conectivity- what happens to regions who dont integrate that to real connectvity

t develop own fin system

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