All branches of my family and friends have been questioning techforgood over 70 years now- by which we mean what dad with Economist audiences of 1970s first coined as entrepreneurial revolution: every next child flourishing because every community being invested in through servant leaders and SME innovators- if that's your kind of collaboration please get in touch MA Stats DAMTP Corpus Christi Cambridge -- currently in Wash DC & Glasgow; as Scots missionaries my parents who served in world war 2 hoped that was the end of tech for the few instead of tech and teach for all.. we're also prepping June 2023 Glasgow as 265th moral sentiments summit on purposes of markets and engineering. WE see 2020s web3 alumni as best chance to cure tragedies of fake media, AND celebrate millennials as first Sustainability Gen -huge thanks to ,, and other benchmarks at - and of course mathematicians like Satoshi since 2008WHY 163? London Scot James Wilson having founded The Economist in 1843, convinced Queen Victoria to launch commonwealth round a bank by and for the quarter of peoples on the India subcontinent. 163 year ago: she told him to go create Charter Bank; arriving in Calcutta 1860 Wilson died within 9 months of diarrhea. Local peoples had to wait another 112+ years until a womens bank was launched by Fazle Abed making end of diarrhea by oral rehydration one of its first educational purposes My father Norman was very lucky. He survived world war 2 as a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma. Six years later he met V Neuman at Princeton who unluckily only had 6 years left due to cancer from nuclear bombsd. Neuman asked dad will train economist jouranlits to ask the most valuable question in the world: what goods will people do with 100 tukes more etch every decade 1930s to 2020s. Dad and numann had plenty of exambples of bads caused by rapid tech. I was born the same year 1951. To be honest it took me really long time to start to understand dad's next question about what he called peoples entrepreneurial revolution. But he made it clear that community griunded finacing and valuation of tecahers would be make or braeak to 21st c life. So lets start there

Sunday, March 8, 2020


2020s 27th & last decade to prevent extinction
Economist's norman macrae foundation

satellites for the peoples

can asian bankers-& two thirds of people- save the world -part 2
audit infrastructure maps www


big brother i's united states of english admin

unite vaccine races

books for learning

fintech norman macrae foundation

education as a youth good

tracing worlds richest impacts on human development norman macrae foundation

unicorn world

HKScotland sister nations can sustain us norman macrae found

WABC..HK hub alphabet norman macrae

lets link sino-uk ai and big data languages

asean tour thanks nhk &

can asian bankers and 2/3 humans save world?
part 1 summit update 2020

unga74 21st c humans first 20 years norman macrae edu & co-journalism mao

brooklyn - where peoples are world leaders in civic engagement
Economist's norman macrae foundation

new bank

internet future edu transformation projects norman macrae foundation

brac touring 50 years of fazle abed and worlds largest ngo partnership Economist's norman macrae foundation

love each others nations peoples

hong kong bridges over troubled water

can vienna save the sdg generation? a norman macrae found youth edu project

is this expensive university good for you norman macrae foundation.....

beijing friends
why every young person can gain from beijing networking

NE corr
norman macrae foundation

out of beltway norman macrae foundation join oSUN alumni of money marketers who loved to see societies thrive round planet earth
Economist's norman macrae foundation

love 8 billion people 1843-2025

sdg case tour decade 27

society matters

chartering 2020-humanity's top universities? norman macrae alumni research

where do you zoom to understand what tech alumni

WISE=education laureates alumni coalition maps

1500 world

green trusts journalism alumni
journalism pro of

covid19 curriculum by nation - end corona virus -project of norman macrae found

love hong kong rome & 20 cities for sdgs

can peoples save 20 most valuable cities without borders

linkin world machines-humans next girl/boy born thrives

forbidden questions with bloomberg's searchers et al

connect maryland & franciscan alumni with health & norman macrae foundation

reporting humans global

boston and top 20 collaboration cities in 2020s youth sdg race

many worlds one planet

can usa sustain world trade cities? norman macrae foundation -can AI humanise health&edu without borders

how states screw each others peoples

union of monetarist soros and poor-empowering abed a data map

MIT-SCHWARZMAN -OSUN -sdg tour with coalition

?beyond G20= D4*C3*B10*A183
ECONOMISTMAPS.COM macraefoundation

ax the media

DC truth- only sino-american millennials can SOS neighbor of nih bethesda

20 economists search sdg world

map world: greatest risk= gaps between rich & poor nations
Economist's norman macrae foundation what if man-machine sustainability= loving each others nations children

microcollege hub gravitating soros first 20 partners OSUNiversity

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