dad norman macrae died of cancer june 2010- his obituaries- his last article dec 2008 on the sad consequences subprime would trap youth in - coming notes on remembrance parties across the globe- on his 10th parting we are also zoom-remembering- rsvp
next only to education/health/safety, change in banking immediately changes lives of families and generations whereas infrastructure and natural resources multiply national impacts over time- financial services have at least 3 segments - how its designed for people, for big organisations, for pensions ang government
since 1950, in developed countries - quarter of humans) changes in tech have caused changes in finance first- some peoples have leaped into banking consider those most linked to developed west, development of china region, rest of developing world- we will map what happened to innovation of tech to the west which has had access to 4 tech revolutions from 1950 rural, space-communications, engineering , computing brain power- china that had access to rural revolution in 1970s, engineering from 1980s, all tech from about 2005, and bangladesh which accesses rural change from 1970, has for most of its people not yet accessed engineering change, has joined in other tech between 1995-2005 thanks to being the epicentre of ngo sdg economy - epicentre fazle abed- of course in a world of 200 nations there are other hybrid models but decide which if any of these three is one your peoples need to understand first because big data collection has gone global - see society 5.0 and osaka track g20 2019
key system transformations -paper non-digital banking operations, digital operations, consumer digital atm and cards and end of community banking. mobilising change in commerce and banking, integrating all post 1950 tech revolution- finance needed to be a future affair that teachers and students questioned before youth began livelihoods- since 1760 alumni of adam smith and james watt glasgow u birth of industrial revolution have recommended mediating these questions openly - how much of wealth and natural resources do the top 10 and 500 people control- is your society one in which 3 halves of people - women youth and poor each have less than 10% voice in the future of their generation

putting our species at risk- wall streets bankers and washington lobbyists and careless media moguls did the worst job ever at end of 2000s- can ny's biggest fund managers return the planet to all families as we enter 2020s - search worldrecordjobs -biggest marketmakers bezos and ma - then join us at -or help us value goal of worlds biggest -search - google versus microsoft; health&safety investor bloomberg vs soros; largest funds fink versus mitsubishi ; education for all schwarzman versus hongkong-singapore partners -supercity adaptability ban ki-moon versus masa-son; big decision makers events schwab vs guterres; rural villages fazle abed partners

we also thank the baltimore branch of for sharing its investigative scholars of everything that's crazy about 21st financial services that thurgood marshall wouldn't have let rip

dec 2020 Washington thinktanks have become in most cases as dismal as the supreme leader trump making these exceptions absolutely brilliant 1 2
this economics policy series shows how banking in america has been serially designed to tip off the poor and the young - and even when the rich elders mess up they demand the poor and young bail them out- i now see why my father as early as 1980s described macroeconomics as totally fame political chicanery nothing to do with the origins system designs of the first 200 years of followers of adam smith moral sentiments- see also

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 norman macrae foundation
in 2020s who's helping we the peoples design fintech? -help map regional cases eg hong kong the financial hub in middle of global change and 7 million of the most entrepreneurial win-win traders ever hubbed out of one city

for history of fintech revolution go to amazon 1995  (unlike the 1980s birth of personal competing webs this time commerce and fintech brainstorming went to all the worlds main economic region- a young chinese teacher of english: jack ma happened to be in seattle as bezos started up- soon ma was linking in yahoo founder brainstormer jerry yang with his ai contacts at stanford and japans richest technologist softbank's masa son

2 day agenda of fintech hk aug4/5

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  1. which are the greatest peoples economists ever to have valued the country your family tree comes from? - in my family's case of scotland the list is quite clear adam smith start of era of machines and humans 1760, sir fazle abed at glasgow university 1960 and empowering women to practise 50 years of development economics out of bangladesh 1970-2019, danny alexander, james wilson founder the economist 1843, after persuading queen victoria that her parliament's corn lobby was very bad because it was starving the irish, james was sent to sort out the evil being spun by the east india company- he arrived in india's then capital calcutta 1860 only to die through lack of oral rehydration 9 months later- instead of rolling back english empire's evil, britannia's rule started forcing the chinese to accept opium as a currency- the chinese fifth of the world's people decided they'd prefer to close themselves down for world trade for 110 years leaving hong kong as an island mediator- given how much poverty britannia caused across asia but especially with chinese families- the disgusting behavior of boris johnson to the chinese since summer 2019 is a wrong move of catastrophic dimensions - hopefully the royal family will correct him by december as 2021 becomes the most dangerous and possibly most exciting year we 7.5 billion humans have ever webbed with nature and machines . by nov 2021 the italian-scottish invitation to vote green for cop26 will be in full motion, and the olympics as dead as a dodo unless its negotiated a mainly asian takeover. In the event that the olympics is reborn it should sponsor a countdown of how many have been innoculated against the covid -if not enough to host a real cop26 glasgow will need every edutech wizard's help under the sun to zoom a leadership challenge as messy as climate adaptability has become - see list of urgent missing schools curricula at