we thank the baltimore branch of www.chinacybercenter.com for sharing its investigative scholars of everything that's crazy about 21st financial services that thurgood marshall wouldn't have let rip chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

dec 2020 Washington thinktanks have become in most cases as dismal as the supreme leader trump making these exceptions absolutely brilliant 1 2
this economics policy series shows how banking in america has been serially designed to tip off the poor and the young - and even when the rich elders mess up they demand the poor and young bail them out- i now see why my father as early as 1980s described macroeconomics as totally fame political chicanery nothing to do with the origins system designs of the first 200 years of followers of adam smith moral sentiments- see also economistscotland.com

Sunday, June 30, 2013

extreme value education networks

help with surveys of how universities can value youth http://normanmacrae.ning.com/forum/topics/the-worldwide-league-table-of-universities-that-most-value-youth
CCDC613: To Help co-edit Cribsheet for Obama and Youth in assessing which universities value youth's futures #Valuetrue #ValueUni Scoop Purpose ; Scoop Open Education

Extreme value open educators have large networks in boston (EDEX OLA) and san francisco (KhanAcademy) -next gathering http://open.media.mit.edu/symposium.html at end of september

CCDC lead practitioner Steve Foerster http://newworld.ac/  host of Free Curricula Center- is developing a virtual university exchange -check out his links
http://linkedin.com/in/stevefoerster  http://fb.com/stevefoerster

looking ahead - we hope that one practice group will come up with their own league table methodology for value universities - a practical way to influence obama's project which is discussed by sal khan and arme duncan here

related links microeducation summit calls for assembly of first 5 adviser circles

we believe it is vital to present online education as actually creating more teaching jobs but yes with huge changes in tasks -discuss

value education is also very personal- I chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  would love to connect around dc and md with parents currently concerned with our kids edu choices - eg I have  daughter in 11th grade - choosing college and subject is therefor a big issue for me - as is tracking which subjects she might now be freed by - eg will this become a benchmark the best ever 12th grade calculus course https://www.coursera.org/course/calc1 - a good start is its using an open source textbook not an $80 one