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this economics policy series shows how banking in america has been serially designed to tip off the poor and the young - and even when the rich elders mess up they demand the poor and young bail them out- i now see why my father as early as 1980s described macroeconomics as totally fame political chicanery nothing to do with the origins system designs of the first 200 years of followers of adam smith moral sentiments- see also economistscotland.com

Sunday, March 12, 2017

can we form tgoodm wisdom council

Most respected community elders in the country
black futures 365 days a year
ask each to write in with whjat actiones elders would expect youth to be taking now- note we need to turn from protests to replicating community solutions- eg socail shark tanks- explaining how to use case law; community professionals sharing expertise and connections to decision makers

keep talking about rfeal numbers indicating whats wrong - eg percent of black youth in prison - get beywond all the distractions of mass media

its really important that black ameriuca partebrs teh way china uses media to end inequity and bring transparency - china friednds thise who co-craete real socail progtress nit those who troublerose

why isnt there a k to 12th grade curriculum of social solutions - the future of our hostiory - the reasons why only black communiteus deepmluy tacke sustainability issues- apps black youth could be co-creating connect very much with what kiehl wants to frree- he's made ,ost of hios money out of rap - he too was brought iup in st louis;

historically blach granmas were the ehart and the soul of black progress - i understand that the world has chnaged but how did the cultre of learning acroiss geerations getr lost

re-examinne hibuc - they meed local wideom councils looking at what they do as many if tem have become worst of jobs destructors

find ways to bridge coimmunity buolding between ebst of ,latin and best of black; ie love cultures and love places unique diverse natural resoiurces -

kiehl hosted many brilant connectirs of how to analsys a place
a full tiem place consultant
a full tie culture consultant

blach yoith need to be gthe greatest gtranslatirs acroiss cultures bjut fkirst they need tio celebrate the prooudest momenst of tehir own with real actions

open sopavce had huge ;possibilities to bring black communitues together- one of teh issues is develpop your own control of lovcal safetynets stop playing the game of generalised socfial handouts

identify which are tghe great black mayors - i thipnk the mayor of tuskegee has a great corcle and rossa parks lawyer can check this for us not the rooten ones like the mayor of atlanta

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